Where To Go In Vietnam In January


Many people wonder about where to go in Vietnam in January. It is recommended that Sapa, Da Lat, Southeast Vietnam, Hang Rai and Tan Quy Dong are some of the ideal destinations for you to discover the beauty of Vietnam.

Da Lat with blossom cherry

Known as the city of thousands of flowers, Da Lat has numerous flowers blooming throughout the year. Some people come here in November to watch the brilliant yellow of the tree marigolds. Some others choose to visit Da Lat in December because of they love the pure white of the vast hills of cauliflowers. Meanwhile, in January, Da Lat attracts a considerable number of tourists due to the light pink of the mountainous sour cherries.

Da Lat, Vietnam

There is nothing more wonderful than walking along the streets from Da Lat to Cau Dat in the fresh and cool air and watching the picturesque landscape with a lot of cherry blossoms.

In addition, you will feel the bustling and busy atmosphere during Tet holiday, admire immense tea hills, breathe the cold breezes in the early morning and catch the smell of soya milk on Tang Bat Ho street. Other popular destinations like Valley of Love, Xuan Huong Lake and Bao Dai Palace are still attractive to many tourists from various regions

Southeast region with the rubber forests

Each year, at the end of the winter, usually from January to March, the sky of the South Vietnam is dyed red because rubber forest leaves fall and new leaves with red color appear.

Rubber forest in Vietnam

The rubber forests in Binh Phuoc are selected for wedding photography by many young people. For the paparazzi who want to have a beautiful album, the rubber forests in the Central Highlands should be considered. The rubber forests become the most beautiful in the early morning when the first sunlight goes through drops of dew lying on the leaves.

Tan Quy Dong Flower Village, Sa Dec

This is one of the central areas of flowers in the South and also the destination for tourists during January. During the days close to Tet holiday, flowers begin to bloom. You will get a chance to experience the busy atmosphere of the whole village during the harvest time. Then, they deliver flowers to other regions. The people here are very friendly and enthusiastic. Normally, many young people who love flowers usually come here to take photos.

Tan Quy Dong, Sa Dec

Hang Rai – a good address for photography lovers

Coming to Hang Rai, Ninh Thuan, you will go through the beautiful paths which look like silk ribbons embracing the sea from a distance. One side of the road is the pure and blue sea and the other side is the meadow, and into the distance are white salt fields.

Coming to Hang Rai, visitors can admire the romantic beauty of the freshwater lake pouring down from Nui Chua and coconut trees hidden behind cactus flowers silhouetted against streams. “Wild” and “peaceful” are the two words to describe the scenery of Hang Rai. You can escape from the noisy life with a mountain of work. After the trip, quite a few people get a beautiful collection of the landscape.

Hang Rai, Ninh Thuan

Hope that the article can help you get more understanding about Vietnamese tourist attractions in January. You can refer to where to go in Vietnam in July.