Vietnam Hanoi Travel Tips


Coming to Hanoi, Vietnam, we can find out numerous features including the poetic beauty of Da Lat, the excitement of Saigon and the antiquity of Hue and Hoi An. As a result, a trip to Hanoi promises to bring you unforgettable experiences. With the following Vietnam Hanoi travel tips, we hope that you will get a good holiday in Hanoi.

Best time to travel to Hanoi

From September to November or from March to April is the best time to travel to Hanoi. The weather is warm and mild. It is not too hot and dry.

Quite a few tourists would like to come to Hanoi in autumn that starts in August or September and ends in October or November. In the fall night, there are some cool breezes blowing.

Hanoi’s autumn

During the autumn, October is regarded as the ideal time to visit Hanoi. Every morning or afternoon, the fields and rivers in Hanoi are covered with fog and smoke. At the end of October, the northeast monsoon arrives; the weather begins to get cold and the bright yellow sunlight is outstandingly beautiful.

What to bring


Before traveling to Hanoi, you should watch the weather forecast to prepare clothes, personal belongings. If visiting Hanoi in summer, the temperature is very high. You are advised to wear thin casual clothes that will give you pleasant feelings.

Hanoi’s winter

Meanwhile, in the winter, it is bitterly cold. In fact, there is a dramatic difference between the north and the south of Vietnam. The locals in the south almost never experience the cold weather like the north. Therefore, visiting Hanoi in the winter is considered a good opportunity for the tourists from the south to wear coats and lovely accessories.

Money & Papers

It is recommended that you do not carry much cash. Instead, you just bring an ATM or a visa card. You can find out many ATMs in the capital of Vietnam.

ATMs in Hanoi

Besides, you do not forget to bring personal papers such as identity card, driver’s license, special cards and voucher or ticket for essential services.

You also can prepare some travel sickness tablets in case you have to deal with unexpected incidents. However, pharmacies in Hanoi are quite available.


The motorbike is the most convenient transport in Hanoi, especially in the rush hour. If riding a motorbike, you can turn various corners and tourist destinations in the center and suburb as well to enjoy the atmosphere and do sightseeing around Hanoi. There are quite a few motorbike rental shops in Hanoi with the price ranging from 100,000 VND to 200,000 VND depending on the type of vehicle. If you want to walk around the city, it is suggested to take a bus or taxi.

Hanoi’s buses

Note that you do not choose peak hours to move between destinations because almost all the buses are packed with passengers while taxis are banned on some routes and have to make a detour.

For the suburban areas, catching the bus is the best option. The reason is that not many people take the long-distance buses. You can comfortably take a seat and admire Hanoi’s landscape through the glass window. Most buses have the last bus trip at 10 p.m; therefore you should choose the right time in order not to miss the bus or select other means of transportation to come back.

The information above will be useful for you in the trip to Hanoi. To get more understanding about Hanoi travel, please contact us.