Tips for shopping in Vietnam

shopping in Vietnam

If having an occasion to walk around the Hanoi Old Quarter, tourists will see the crowded scene with a range of shops along the street. For those who are interested in shopping, it is important to listen to the fact that a lot of Vietnamese stores sold products without list price.

In the trip to Hanoi Old Quarter in particular and Vietnam in general, a remarkable number of foreign visitors get a surprise when witnessing the scene of many customers gathering to bargain the price of a pair of shoes, a dress or a handbag. In addition, there are a lot of street vendors and goods stalls on the sidewalk and along the street. Consequently, in rush hour, traffic police have to stand in the roadway to control them to prevent traffic jam.

A foreign tourist said “When arriving in Hanoi, I have a mix of feelings. At first, I am really curious and expect to explore types of commodities here; but then I am a bit frightened because Vietnam is far different from the place I am living in. “

Anyway, it is certain that tourists will get unforgettable experience when shopping in the Old Quarter. The article will show you some travel tips for shopping in Vietnam.

Learn basic Vietnamese of shopping

Clothes shop in Vietnam
Clothes shop in Vietnam

It is necessary for a foreign tourist to learn some Vietnamese when shopping in Vietnam, for example, give the question “Cái này giá bao nhiêu?” (How much is this?); or make an exclamation “Ối giời ơi” (Oh my God) in order to express the surprise in case the seller show exorbitant prices. If there is no agreement between the seller and the buyer, you can refuse to buy goods, but try to keep a friendly attitude with a smile.

Always ready to bargain

Shoes shop
Shoes shop

In reality, except for supermarkets and shopping malls, almost all of the shops in the Old Quarter sell products with relatively high prices compared to the reality. In many situations, the price is given by shop owner based on their feelings about customers. For those who looks elegant or foreign tourists, they will ask higher prices.

As a result, to buy products with reasonable price in Vietnam, you need pick up a bargain if necessary. Besides, you should take the advice from  your friends or tour guide before getting the products.

Go shopping with local people

Hàng Mã, Hanoi Old Quarter
Hàng Mã, Hanoi Old Quarter

One of the rewarding experiences for shopping in Hanoi is going with local people. The local people obviously know much about the shopping culture in their own nation; thus, help you take the best price. You remember to ask to receive their advice of the way of purchase in Vietnam so that you can gain more confidence in shopping alone for the next time.

However, you should only bargain when buying goods of small shops not showing list price. For large shopping malls, the bargain will make no change of the price.

Make a comparison of prices

One of the key factors that strongly support foreign visitors to effectively make a purchase and attain the most affordable prices in Vietnam is the comparison of prices given by various  store owners. With the same product, prices at many stores may be very different.


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