The Best Time to Visit Hue, Vietnam


Hue City is a tourist attraction that draws a significant number of domestic and foreign tourists. Hue is a beautiful city full of long-standing cultures. In addition, you get an opportunity to admire the natural scenery and quite a lot of historical monuments. However, the choice of a good time to have a trip to Hue should be considered. This article will help you to learn more about the best time to visit Hue, Vietnam.

Which season should be chosen to travel to Hue?

Although Hue is beautiful, romantic and poetic; the weather in Hue is changeable with sudden rain and sunshine that may affect your Hue trip.

Rain in Hue

Hue is located in Central Vietnam. The climate in Hue is divided into two distinct seasons including dry and rainy seasons. The dry season in Hue is quite hot with intense sunlight and lasts from March to August. The highest temperature can reach 40 degrees Celsius. The rainy season in Hue begins in August and ends in January of the following year. In the rainy season, there are heavy rains, sometimes, accompanied by storms. The temperature in the rainy season considerably fluctuates. When the weather is cool, the average temperature is 20 degrees Celsius but occasionally it can be down to 9 degrees Celsius.

The best time to visit Hue is in the autumn. The autumn in Hue is in July, August and September. In these months, the cool weather will be convenient for your exploration in Hue and transfer between tourist destinations. With the beautiful weather, you will definitely have a pleasant trip with a host of unforgettable memories.

Best season in Hue

In addition, if you have some difficulties in arranging a trip to Hue in the autumn, it is recommended that you should go to Hue on Hue Festival. The festival is usually held in April or on holidays such as the Liberation of Saigon (April 30) and Labour Day (May 1) or Hung King’s festival (March 10). On these occasions, there are a lot of festive activities and games that will surely give you enjoyable experiences.

Must-see Hue travel destinations in the autumn

Hue Citadel’s Inner City

Hue Citadel’s Inner City is located in the north of Huong River and designed in the unique royal architecture. The whole area of Hue Citadel was built on a total area of 500 hectares. Hue Citadel’s Inner City includes Imperial Citadel and Forbidden City. Coming here, visitors can watch the daily life of ancient kings and get more knowledge of the lifestyle of the Nguyen royal family in the Citadel.

Hue Citadel’s Inner City

Perfume River

Perfume River has long been known as a symbol of the poetic city of Hue. The beauty of the Perfume River can be compared to a delicate piece of silk that leads tourist to the Vy Da garden or Thien Mu Pagoda where tourists can let their soul fly with the sound of the bell in the pagoda.

Mount Ngu Binh

Mount Ngu Binh and Perfume River are the two names that are always parallel to each other and create the scenic beauty of Hue. Perfume River and Mount Ngu Binh are a loyal couple in love that is stick to each other like glue.

Perfume River – Mount Ngu Binh

With the information above, we expect that you can choose the best season to travel to Hue so that you will get almost all the comfort and convenience. Wish you have a fun and exciting trip. Please contact us to get more Vietnam travel information.