Phu Quoc Traveling Route Tips


Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam with many beautiful beaches, smooth sandbanks and streams murmuring all time, abundant seafood and unique traditional villages. How can you choose the most suitable route to explore most attractions in Phu Quoc? Please read the tips below to learn more about Phu Quoc traveling route tips.

Southern Island

Phu Quoc southern island has many lowland areas and large population. This road takes us to Suoi Tranh, where small rocks lie along the stream and clear water flows through the rapids.

Leaving Suoi Tranh, you go to Phu Quoc fish sauce factory, which processes fish sauce following traditional methods handed down from generation to generation.

Phu Quoc fish sauce factory

Phu Quoc is also home to a prison that now sets that scene of prisoners being brutally tortured in many forms.

Bai Sao is 28 kilometers from Dong Duong town. This beach owns a winding coastline, clear blue water and white sand beach shining under the sun.

The southern island is also featured by Japanese pearl cultured area. You can visit Khem beach, one of the most beautiful arched beaches in Phu Quoc island.

Japanese pearl cultured area

You also cannot miss Mui Ong Doi with the unique terrain of two sides facing the sea. Here you can watch the sunrise and sunset at the same position.

Northern Island

First of all, you will reach Ong Lang beach, which is known as the most beautiful beach for sunset watching in Phu Quoc.

Going along the TL4 route, you can visit Vinpearl Land, Vinpearl Safari and Ganh Dau cape.

Ganh Dau cape is wild, simple and rustic. However, when ships docks, the scene becomes noisy, bustling, cheerful and vital.

Ganh Dau, Phu Quoc

Next to Mui Ganh Dau is a small fishing village with sparse population. It is called Chuong Vic.

Going straight to Suoi Cai – Ganh Dau and going more 15 kilometers further, you will reach Rach Vem fishing village. You can together with the fishermen put out to sea to enjoy the exciting feeling when moving on the waves.

North pole of Phu Quoc

Going further 40 kilometers from Duong Dong town center, you will come to Mui Trau Nam. Particularly, from Rach Tram crossroads to Mui Trau Nam, you go through 8 kilometers of bumpy road. Then you move two kilometers of sandy road and one kilometer of coastline, then swim through a small river.

Mui Trau Nam

Here you can visit Phu Quoc primary forest reserve. You can easily see tall paperbarks of tens of years, mossy trunks, large mangroves and blooming orchids.

Rach Tram fishing village is located quite isolated, to the north, the farthest area of the island. Here the mud in the jungle follows rivers and streams, flowing into the sea; therefore, the water here is not as clear as other beaches.

Go-through-forest route

On the road, you will see Ham Ninh fishing village, which lies on the east coast of the island; behind the village are high mountains and in front of the village is the immense sea.

You will admire Ham Ninh mountain with a height of 300 meters located behind the fishing village. Besides, you should try Ham Ninh crab, the most famous food here.

Ham Ninh fishing village

Bai Thom, which is located in the center of Bai Thom commune, on the northeastern coast of Phu Quoc has pristine beauty. From Ham Ninh to this beach, you go through the Rach Vem fishing village of 60 kilometers. On the way, you can see many wild animals. This place has beautiful views, narrow sandy beach, shallow sea with many reefs. You are not allowed to bathe here.

In general, there are four routes for you to explore Phu Quoc island. For more information about Phu Quoc traveling, you can contact us.