Best Seafood in Ho Chi Minh City


For those who has a passion for seafood and want to try the best seafood in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam we would like to share with you some famous buffet restaurants. Coming to Ho Chi Minh City, it will be a great pity if you miss Cham Charm – Thai seafood buffet, Cheap Eats – Seafood BBQ buffet, Level 9 and Japanese Restaurant Enishi.

Cham Charm – Thai Seafood Buffet

Cham Charm makes a deep impression on customers due to the magnificent architecture and is built based on the mysterious complex of Angkor Wat. The restaurant only serves seafood buffet on Saturday and Sunday. If you want to eat more seafood, you should go to the restaurant on the weekend. In reality, there are a lot of seafood on normal days but types of seafood are not really diverse. Coming here, you get a chance to enjoy many strange dishes such as Thai steamed babylonia areolata, anadara antiquata, crisply fried capelin. The food is also beautifully decorated. Cham Charm is also considered to be one of the most delicious Thai restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City.

Cham Charm – Thai seafood Buffet

Cheap Eats – Seafood BBQ Buffet

Buffet here includes barbecue and hot pot. However, Cheap Eats not only is specialized in offering seafood but also have many types of meat. Therefore, we just can enjoy common seafood. The most outstanding point is the special taste of the sauce. In addition, you can ask to be served with a  hot pot if you want to eat your fill and try some other food. The restaurant is quite wide and decorated with beautiful cherry blossoms. In addition, service staff also often help customers to change the grid.

Cheap Eats – Seafood BBQ Buffet

Level 9 Restaurant

Located on the 9th floor of Liberty Sai Gon Parkview hotel, you can enjoy the seafood and watch the view of the city from above. This restaurant is famous for the tasty foods processed from crab, especially roasted crab with tamarind, oysters with cheese. Oysters here are small but quite fresh. The service staff work enthusiastically and observe carefully. When a plate of food starts to be not full, they quickly prepare a new plate for diners.  With such good quality, 285,000 VND is considered to be not too expensive for this seafood buffet.

Level 9 restaurant

Enishi – Japanese Restaurant

Different from other restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, the seafood buffet in Enishi is not processed in the usual style such as baking, boiling or frying. Instead, they are mainly processed into fresh and delicious sashimi. If you are no longer fond of grilled seafood filled with oil and grease and desire to explore Japanese cuisine, the buffet here is certainly the best choice for you. Coming here, you are advised not to miss capelin sashimi and basa fish sashimi soaked in vinegar, both of which are the most famous dishes in this restaurant.

Enishi – Japanese Restaurant

In reality, there are many other good restaurants for seafood in Ho Chi Minh City such as Ngoc Suong Ben Thuyen and Oc Chi Em. If Ngoc Suong Ben Thuyen has modern and luxurious space, Oc Chi Em is designed in the traditional style. Hope that with the above-mentioned travel tips, you can comfortably enjoy delicious food in Ho Chi Minh City.