Must-Do Things While You’re in Hoian


In the 17th and 18th centuries, Hoian is a busy trading port in South East Asia. But now, Hoian is one of the most famous destinations in Central Vietnam in particular and in Vietnam in general. Coming here, you can enjoy the ancient beauty of the hundred-of-year-old ancient works such as the convention of the Hoa people, Japanese Bridge and An Bang beach. In addition, you should spend time experiencing the following must-do things while you’re in Hoian.

Take part in a cooking class

Not being a challenging experience, taking part in a cooking class is a perfect choice for a large group or a family. Here you really have time to share your work and fun. Besides, you will get a chance to learn about the cuisine of Hoian, go shopping in Hoian together with the top chefs here and prepare meals for yourself.

You can try making different dishes, from simple food including pancake, spring roll, beef noodle soup to much more sophisticated dishes, mainly national dishes.

A cooking class in Hoian

Go scuba diving in Cham islands

This type of tourism has developed in recent years. The island stands isolated and it takes about 20 minutes to move from the mainland to the Cham islands by canoe. In general,  the scenery and unique marine species still have been preserved intact.The best time to dive here is from April to October when the water is warm and calm.

Besides, you can visit the 600-year-old Champa ancient well to get more knowledge of the view of human life of the ancient Champa people, burn a incense at the only ancient temple or gather at the displaying house to see and learn about the diverse marine life in the Cham islands.

Scuba diving in Cham islands

Visit Tra Que village

Visiting Tra Que village is now a must-try experience in Hoian and an attractive destination for domestic and international tourists. Tra Que vegetable village is more than 3 kilometers from Hoian town to the northwest. You can go to Tra Que village to enjoy the aroma of vegetables.

Tra Que Vegetable Village

Coming here, you get an opportunity to learn how to hoe land, plant, water and fertilize vegetables. But working as a farmer, you will admire numerous kinds of Tra Que vegetables at the displaying points.

After bathing and taking a rest, you will be invited to enjoy the dishes processed from Tra Que vegetables and delicious dishes of Quang Nam such as bánh đập, bánh vạc, mixed mussel, Quang noodle and High Floor.

Relax at An Bang beach

An Bang beach is not as famous as other beaches in Vietnam. However, for this reason, An Bang beach still retain the wildness.

An Bang beach
An Bang beach

An Bang is only about 7 kilometers from the center of Hoian, so you can come here by bike. An Bang is covered with the turquoise color and smooth white sand. An Bang is an ideal place for you to have a peaceful day beside your family and friends.

Hope that you will have a fun vacation in Hoian. For more travel information about Vietnam, please contact us.