Top tourist destinations in Ho Chi Minh City (part 2)


Besides popular tourist destinations in Ho Chi Minh City such as Saigon Opera House, Saigon Central Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral and Ben Thanh market, there are many other interesting sites where you can take part in numerous activities, go shopping or explore Vietnamese history and culture.

Saigon Square

For shopping followers, Saigon Square is a popular address that is considered to be a shopping paradise with 3 establishments located in District 1. Visiting this shopping center, you will marvel at a great number of stalls with all kinds of items such as skirts, clothes and handbags. The prices of the fashionable products, mainly exported goods here fluctuate considerably. Therefore, you need to bargain when buying products at this shopping. It is not difficult to find your favorite item when coming to Saigon Square.

Saigon Square

Anh Sao Bridge

If loving light and romance, you cannot miss the moments on this special bridge. Anh Sao bridge is located across the two banks of the romantic Ban Nguyet Lake. At first sight, this bridge is not much different from other bridges. The miracle only occurs when the darkness falls. At this time, we can clearly see the beauty of Anh Sao bridge. On the floor and under the bridge are designed countless sparkling light bulbs. The sprinkler system installed on both sides of the bridge combined with the rainbow effect of look very miraculous and eye-catching. After taking a stroll and taking delightful photos, visitors can take a rest at a food stall and watch the splendid beauty of this bridge.

Anh Sao bridge

Independence Palace

Independence Palace or Reunification Palace is a famous historical construction which was the working place of the authorities of the Republic of Vietnam during the resistance war against the American Empire. After the war, the Independence Palace was listed among special national monuments. Today, on important national anniversaries, thousands of people flock to this destination to visit this historical monument.

Independence Palace

Dam Sen Water Park

As a part of the entertainment service complex, Dam Sen Water Park is definitely an indispensable destination for young people. A large wave pool with 26 floors of aquatic equipment is really attractive to tourists. The rides here have different levels of difficulty to serve the people who love to experience thrills and spills. Some typical games consist of high-speed chute or swing forward to cross the waterfall. Besides, you do not worry too much about the safety because the area is always monitored by a team of rescuers who are ready to support victims.

Dam Sen Water Park

Suoi Tien Cultural Tourism Area

Suoi Tien, which is located in district 9, Ho Chi Minh City, is an amusement park with the wide space and fresh atmosphere. However, the fields that are mainly exploited here are culture and history, which has a great contribution to educating the history and preserving the essence of culture. Visiting this tourist site, children and adults can play many fun and useful games, watch music, circus and magic performances.

Suoi Tien

In addition, some unique festivities take place here, especially some festivals held by the season such as summer festival with products made from fruits and winter festival.

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