Top 7 Longest Rivers In Vietnam


Vietnam is famous for its wonderful natural scenery. Besides the towering mountains, the rivers also contribute to drawing a picture of Vietnamese landscape. Following is top 7 longest rivers in Vietnam including Dong Nai River, Da River, Red River, Ma River, Ca River, Lo River and Mekong River.

Dong Nai River

Dong Nai is the longest inland river in Vietnam. Dong Nai River originates from the Langbiang Plateau (Lam Dong) and has a total length of 586 kilometers. With extremely large water flow rate, Dong Nai river is an abundant source of hydropower for the Dong Nai hydropower plant.

Dong Nai River

Black River (Da River)

Black River rises from China and its length on the territory of Vietnam is 530 kilometers. Being a mighty and poetic river of the northwestern mountain region, Black River is the inspiration for many Vietnamese writers to produce famous works and the most outstanding work is “Đà River” by Nguyen Tuan.

Đà River

Red River

Originating from China, Red River has a total length on the Vietnamese territory of 516 kilometers. Therefore, the Red River Delta has the fertile alluvial soil and is regarded as the cradle of wet rice civilization in Vietnam. The output of rice here often ranks first in the whole of Vietnam.

Red River

Ma River

Ma River is a common river of Laos and Vietnam. The Ma River that flows in Vietnam is 410 kilometers long. Ma River takes it source from the south of Dien Bien province and flows in the north-south-east direction; goes through Song Ma district of Son La province and flows through Laos before coming to Thanh Hoa province.

Mã River

Lam River (Cả River)

Lam River, also known as Ca River, is a river in North Central region of Vietnam.

The total length of the river is about 300 kilometers. The river flows in the direction of northwest-southeast. When approaches the sea, it flows in the north.

Cả River

“Cả” has two meanings: “big” and “mother”. Cả River is the mother of the small rivers such as Nam Nam, Nam Mo, Giang and La river. The name of “Lam River” is probably due to the blue color of the water. In addition, the river has other names such as Lam Giang, Thanh Long Giang and Lam Thuy.

Lô River

Song Lo is a tributary on the left of the Red River. The Lo river running through Vietnam has a length of 274 kilometers (some documents write 264 kilometers, 275 kilometers or 277 kilometers).

Lô River

Mekong River

The source of Mekong River is in China and flows through Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The river flows into the sea through the system of nine branches of the Mekong River, which forms a fertile Mekong Delta with four seasons of luxuriant vegetation. The two largest rivers are the Tiền River and Hậu river with a length of 250 kilometers each.

Mekong River

In reality, there are many other rivers flowing in the land of Vietnam day and night. These rivers have a considerable contribution to Vietnam’s economic development and tourism.