Top 4 Trekking Spots in North Vietnam


For quite a lot of trekkers, Vietnam is considered to be a trekking paradise because of its undulating terrain, which is suitable for trekking and exploring. From north to south, there are many Vietnamese trekking spots for lovers of nature. After that, we introduce top 4 trekking spots in North Vietnam including Lao Cai, Cao Bang, Dien Bien and Thanh Hoa.

Lao Cai

Lao Cai is attractive to visitors at all ages and of all interests. Nature lovers come here to admire the stunning landscape while backpackers love bends, winding roads embracing the most beautiful mountains in the northwest. Meanwhile, climbers or trekkers also desire to conquer the Fansipan peak; go through the forest and explore the indigenous culture.

Fansipan trekking

For trekkers, Lao Cai is home to many attractive trekking points such as Fansipan, which is known as the “Roof of Indochina” with the height of 3,143 meters and Sa Pa town, which brings the poetic beauty and is covered with the mist.

Cao Bang

Cao Bang, which is located in the north of Viet Bac, is also one of the most romantic and adventurous trekking spots. Trekkers can explore diverse natural features of Cao Bang and enjoy mountains, forests, rivers and streams.

Cao Bang

In 2015, Cao Bang was ranked as the top 5 trekking destinations in Southeast Asia by Sky Scanner. It was said that Cao Bang was a dream of all those who love trekking due to the combination of majestic mountains, blue lake and amazing caves. In addition, you should not miss Ban Gioc waterfall, which has turquoise water and is surrounded by lush forests.

Dien Bien

Dien Bien is home to the landmark of Apachai, which is the westernmost point of Vietnam and also one of the greatest trekking destinations. The journey of conquering Apachai at the height of 1,400 meters takes a lot of time and efforts. You have to walk through grass hills out of the reach and dense primary forests.

Dien Bien

Thanh Hoa

Pu Luong National Park, which lies in the northwest Thanh Hoa, is one of the favorite trekking spots of those who like to explore the natural beauty and challenge themselves’ endurance.

With an area of 17.662 hectares, Pu Luong National Park is the largest lowland limestone forest in northern Vietnam. While trekking, you get a chance to admire dense forests on the lowland, low mountains; limestone karst forests and luxuriant vegetation of bamboo shoots and shrubs that features each type of terrain.

Pu Luong 

You also face with rugged and poetic stretches of road through stilt house roofs of indigenous people on the mountain slopes and go across waterfalls to watch the wild and magnificent scenery.

Besides, Pu Luong peak with the height of 1,700 meters, which belongs to Pu Luong National Park, is also an ideal destination for many trekkers and climbers.

In conclusion, North Vietnam is really home to trekking spots. Hope that this article is useful for trekkers. Besides trekking, you can go to famous beaches such as Cat Ba, Do Son and Co To.