The exploration of a historic site – My Son in Vietnam

My Son in Vietnam
My Son in Vietnam

In Vietnam, in May, the weather get harsh with the scorching heat. However, the number of visitors to My Son, Quang Nam province, Vietnam does not decrease at all. Currently, My Son in Vietnam is the ruin with only a few partly damaged towers, sprawling bricks but it still attracts tourists at home and from abroad as well.

Structural features of My Son

My Son is located in a valley in Duy Phu commune, Duy Xuyen district, Danang and about 70 kilometers to the southwest, about 10 kilometers from Tra Kieu to the west. Coming to Danang, tourists can rent a motorbike, car or take the bus to move to  My Son. It may take you about one hour.

My Son in Vietnam
My Son in Vietnam

My Son is a Hindu relic of Champa kingdom, which was home to more than 70 buildings in brick and stone that were built from the 7th to the 13th century. The main temples in My Son worship the Linga or ┬áLord Siva – the protector of Champa kings. The worshiped God in My Son is Bhadresvara, who founded the first reign of Amaravati in the late 4th century. The worship of god, king and royal ancestors became the main religious belief. One of the most special Cham-style features is the bas-relief on the tower wall and tower brick. Cham people used thin mortar to build the tower and the artisans carved meticulous and delicate patterns into the brick wall.

My Son in Vietnam
My Son in Vietnam

In 1898, a French scientist named M.C. Paris discovered My Son and was amazed at its ancient and majestic beauty. The remaining 30 towers in My Son was built during the period from the fourth to the thirteenth century. These constructions brought a museum of invaluable outdoor architecture and sculpture for Cham culture. The art of building and carving together with the conception of ancient Cham people of the universe, the god and the human gives this temple the mysterious beauty and turns it into a precious and rare work in Southeast Asia.

My Son nowadays

The passing of time and the devastation of war has degraded My Son but the remaining parts of My Son are still imbued with the miraculous beauty; thus attracting tourists throughout the world.

In the past, A1 temple was regarded as the most beautiful one of My Son Sanctuary. But now, this temple was destroyed and only the foundation remains. The sculptural art reaches the pinnacle of the Cham architecture. However, A1 temple collapsed under the heavy impact of war.


Nowadays, My Son only has a few ruins of temples, but their value of art and spirituality still attract a significant number of travelers. The natural conditions are quite harsh with the high rainfall in wet season, which causes the erosion negatively affecting the construction. Nevertheless, My Son relic is still highly appreciated by international and domestic communities. The annual number of visitors to My Son has been rising annually.

In these days, My Son becomes a must-visit destination for foreign tourists when traveling to the Central region. Each day, My Son Sanctuary welcome the average number of 500 to 700 tourists, especially at weekends or on holidays, the number of visitors many increases up to 1500. Currently, My Son is ranked one of the favorite sites for travelers and researchers around the world.


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