Why Foreign Visitors Love Trekking in Sapa, Vietnam


When traveling to the Northern Vietnam, besides visiting Hanoi capital of Vietnam, many foreign visitors are excited about trekking in Vietnam, particularly Sapa. In reality, the journey to Sapa attracts thousands of tourists annually for many reasons. So now, this article will show the readers some reasons why foreign visitors love trekking in Sapa, Vietnam.

Travel by train

Even if traveling alone, you will have no difficulties in finding the way to Sapa. Because the trip takes you much time, it is suggested that you should catch a night train so that you can save a lot of time. Taking a night train in Vietnam will bring you enjoyable experiences. However, you should pay attention to your luggage while sleeping on the train.

Train from hanoi to sapa

Walk around Sapa town

Normally, visitors start the journey from the Sapa town center. Sapa is a peaceful and beautiful land and has some similarities to Hanoi because Sapa also owns ancient buildings that were built in the French colonial time. It only takes you some hours to walk around this lovely town.

Sapa town, Vietnam

Discover the cultural life of ethnic minorities

There are quite a few ethnic minorities in Sapa, mainly H’Mong people. When you come here, the ethnic women will accompany you to the mountains and introduce the hand-made brocade products. In addition, the locals can speak English fluently; therefore, foreigners can easily chat with them in English. This is a good opportunity for them to explore the culture and the daily life of the locals.

Sapa’s ethnic minorities

Admire Hoang Lien Son mountain range

If you want to take a mountaineering tour, you definitely can not miss the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. You will get the opportunity to admire the majestic view of the mountains and beautiful scenes gradually appear after every footstep.

Hoang Lien Son mountain range

If you are a nature lover, it is certain that you will be surprised by the beauty of the Hoang Lien mountain range. Moreover, this is also an amazing place for those who love photography.

Learn more about upland children

The children here often have to work to support their family. To go to school, they also have to take a long way. When not attending school, they will sell local products to tourists. Normally, the children from 7 to 9 years old will follow tourists to sell cheap souvenirs and jewelry. You should buy handmade bracelets rather than giving them candy, which can help them have a meal.

Upland children

Explore the local culture when doing homestay

Doing homestay is the best way to learn about the life of the people in the Northwest region. In Sapa, foreign people are provided with the simple accommodation. With a mattress, a mosquito net and a clean toilet, guests can stay overnight.

Sapa homestay

The house of the locals obviously does not offer full of conveniences and comforts like a hotel but you can meet indigenous people, have a local meal, drink special types of wine and enjoy regional specialties.

To get memorable experiences when going to the Northern Vietnam, you should have a trekking. For more information about Sapa or Vietnam travel, please contact us.