Admire Charming Love Waterfall in Sapa


The Love Waterfall in Sapa is an ideal destination in Sapa for couples in love. This waterfall brings the marvelous and poetic beauty and can compare to musical notes expressing the ups and downs of love. Coming to Sapa Love Waterfall, you will be fascinated and surprised by its beauty.

Geographic location of Sapa Love Waterfall

Sapa Love Waterfall is located in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province and about 4km from Sapa town to the northwest.

Sapa Love Waterfall

The way to Sapa Love Waterfall

After moving from Sapa town to San Tu Ho commune, you go to the green flute forest. On the journey of going through this forest, you will accidentally see the rhododendrons with a variety of colors such as white, yellow and red. They are in harmony with the scenery of the forest. Besides, you also hear the sound of the trees rustling in the breeze. You continue to go ahead and reach the end of the road, then you will see a stream. If you go along this stream, you will get to the Sapa Love Waterfall.

Sapa Love Waterfall

Interesting knowledge of Sapa Love Waterfall

Sapa Love Waterfall has a relative height of nearly 100m and absolute altitude of nearly 1800m above the sea level. The waterfall lies on the Golden Stream, originating from the top of Fansipan and flowing through the high and steep terrain. If you see the waterfall from a distance, the Love waterfall looks like a conical hat and on the edge of the waterfall is the vegetation of dense forest. The falls are located in the center of Hoang Lien National Park and are considered an ideal dating site for couples in love and the people who love to experience new things and discover the wild nature.

Sapa Love Waterfall

The name of Love Falls originates from a local legend. In the past, Fairies often went down the waterfall for bathing. At one time, while bathing, the seventh Fairy suddenly discovered a woodcutter cooking rice beside the Golden Stream. While waiting for the rice to be cooked, he whistled the bamboo flute. At another time, because she was so absorbed in listening to his flute, she forgot to return to Heaven. When the night falls, because she was able to withstand the cold weather in the jungle, she approached his fires for warming herself. That night, next to the flickering fire, the young man played the flute to perform passionate love songs. In the next morning, when the sun shone through the tops of trees, she hurried to go to Heaven. On the following days, she continued to come here to hear his flute. Unfortunately, this secret was discovered by the goddess; consequently, she was not allowed to go down Love Falls. She dreadfully missed him and came to the Sky Gate to look down the waterfall waiting for his flute’s sound. Not seeing him, she was sad in heart and eventually changed into a yellow bird flying around the mountain and called O Quy Ho.

Attached to this love legend and endowed with the natural landscape of the mountains and forests, Sapa Love Waterfall is now an indispensable destination in the Sapa tour. For more information about tourist attractions in Vietnam, please contact us.