Myanmar’s Points of Interest


Myanmar is a Buddhist country with thousands of pagodas, temples and stupas along with the rich history and traditional cultures. Located in the Indochina, in recent years, Myanmar is seen as one of the most attractive destinations in the region. Following are some famous Myanmar’s points of interest.

Shwedagon Pagoda (Yangon)

Shwedagon pagoda is regarded as the golden symbol of Myanmar. The temple is 2500 years old, Legend has it that Shwedagon was born before the death of the Shakyamuni Buddha. It can be said that this is the most sacred temple in Myanmar that preserves many Buddhist treasures. Despite going through war and natural disasters, Shwedagon is still a grandiose temple and still retains its original design.

Shwedagon pagoda (Yangon)

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda – Golden Rock (Mon State)

Over 200 kilometers from Yangon and located at the height of 1,100 meters, Golden Rock along with a small pagoda named Kyaiktyo creates a fascinating population. This rock is in a tottery position on the edge of Moun Kyaiktiyo, Burma, but it is very solid and difficult to move. Golden Rock and Kyaiktiyo pagoda become a tourist attraction in Myanmar. It is the creativity of human together with the magic of nature that create a beautiful masterpiece. It is certain that international visitors will be surprised when admiring a rock and pagoda covered with sheet gold lying on the top of the mountain.

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda – Golden Rock (Mon State)

Shwesandaw Pagoda (Bagan)

Coming to Bagan, you should go to Shwesandaw pagoda at dusk to watch the sunset. Standing here, you can see the whole legendary Bagan with thousands of large and small pagodas, temples and towers in the dim light, which brings the breathtaking scenery.

Shwesandaw Pagoda (Bagan)

Mahamuni Temple (Mandalay)

Mandalay, the old capital of Myanmar, is home to so many temples, pagodas and monks. Mahamuni Temple is a famous symbol of Mandalay. This temple was started to construct in the 18th century. Every year, Buddhists still come here to worship and continue to inlay gold into the statue. This site deserves the ideal location for spiritual travelers.

Mahamuni temple (Mandalay)

Ubein Bridge (Mandalay)

With the length of 1.3 kilometers, Ubein bridge of the Amarapura ancient village.  is the longest bridge made of teak wood in the world. With the life expectancy of almost 200 years, this is the traffic bridge of the Amarapura villagers and also the path for the pilgrims. When arriving here, almost all the visitors are impressed by the sunset on Ubein bridge because of its artistic beauty.

Inle Lake (Shan)

Inle Lake is about 11 kilometers in width and stretches from north to south. This is an attractive destination for those who like the quietness and desire to relieve the busy life of the daily life. When moving on the lake, you will see fishermen and floating houses. The two sides are chains of mountains covered with green forests, all of which creates a poetic and majestic landscape.

Inle lake (Shan)

Mingun Village (Mandalay)

Mingun is a land of many relics and beautiful scenery. The most outstanding are Mingun bell and Chinthe statue, which are considered the symbol of the people here. Chinthe, which is shaped like a lion and a dragon, is a large statue beside the river bank. In addition, the Mingun stupa makes a strong impression on visitors due to the fired bricks that have survived for thousands of years but still retains their ancient features.

Mingun Village (Mandalay)