Top Cheap Hotels in Danang

Top cheap hotels in Danang
Top cheap hotels in Danang

Danang is seen as one of the best cities in Vietnam and always a tourist city that attracts a great number of visitors at home and from abroad. It is a great thing if you have the opportunity to visit this big city in Vietnam. It is recommended that you should refer to top cheap hotels in Danang for accommodation.

3-star Amanda hotel Danang

Amanda is located A2- A2B lot, 30 April street, Hai Chau district, Danang and it takes only 5 minutes to drive from Danang International Airport.

Amanda hotel Danang
Amanda hotel Danang

The 3-star Amanda Hotel Danang with its unique design and modern architecture creates the luxurious space. Besides, professional and enthusiastic service makes Amanda Danang become an ideal destination for visitors.

Amanda Hotel offers the system of 58 rooms with 11 floors that are fully equipped with amenities such as hair dryer, bath towel, perfume soap, shampoo and toothpaste.

Furthermore, the services like spa, massage, pick-up, air ticket booking and tour booking are provided by Amanda Hotel Danang.

3-star Bac Cuong hotel Danang

3-star Bac Cuong Danang is situated at the lots of 30,31 and 32, Nguyen Van Thoai street, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang and 3 kilometers from Danang International Airport; 1 kilometer from the city center and 80 meters from T20 beach.

Bac Cuong hotel Danang
Bac Cuong hotel Danang

3 star Bac Cuong hotel has 97 rooms, 3 apartments and 15 floors. All of them are fully provided with modern amenities such as TV, refrigerator, wardrobe, hair dryer and heating.

Coming to Bac Cuong hotel, you have an occasion to enjoy Asian and European food and dishes carrying traditional cultural identities.

3-star Atlantic hotel Danang

Atlantic hotel Danang lies at 151 Ho Nghinh, Phuoc My, Son Tra, Da Nang. The hotel is 8 kilometers from Ngu Hanh Son; 2 kilometers from Son Tra bay and 200 meters from My Khe beach. It takes just 2 minutes to walk from Pham Van Dong beach.

Atlantic hotel Danang
Atlantic hotel Danang

Atlantic Hotel is regarded as one of the most prestigious 3-star hotels in Danang with modern architecture and high-quality services together with professional and friendly service, customers really feel comfortable and have relaxing moments.

This hotel also supplies a luxurious system of 30 rooms along with talented chefs. As a result, you will own an ideal space to enjoy good food.

3-star Angel hotel Danang

Angel hotel Danang located at 187 Ho Nghinh, My Phuoc, Son Tra. From the hotel, it just takes you a few minutes to walk to My Khe beach, Han River swing bridge and Dragon bridge.

Angel hotel Danang
Angel hotel Danang

Standing in the heart of the city, Angle hotel is like a star shining all over Danang. With the airy space, the services with good quality, the hotel is an ideal rest area for travelers from various regions.

This 3-star hotel includes 12 floors and 48 fully equipped rooms.

In order to have a fantastic trip where you can discover a lot of famous tourist destinations in Danang on a tight budget, you should choose the cheapest 3-star hotels in Danang. These hotels not only offer you comfortable accommodations but also give you a chance to eat typical Danang cuisine. 



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