Porridge made from palm fruit in Cambodia

Porridge made from palm fruit in Cambodia
Porridge made from palm fruit in Cambodia

Weather in country of temples always hot and people do porridge Thot is extremely precious to them, precisely because the country is a Thot tree planted crops and the country is now so many species Thot tea recipe is relatively simple for the country Thap Pagoda. Often in these festivals, meetings, festivals, sterilization divide west, they also left Porridge made from palm fruit made in Cambodia.

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 porridge Thot
porridge Thot

If there is a chance you will be traveling Cambodia Cambodian harvest first hand Thot left to brew tea, real fruit characteristics system or liquidity may have cooled, eats if food tastes like food cool young fruit then we will see a very good sense of taste the sweet gem again this mouth. If ingested, it is like the old crane fossil Rau sentence. Tea made from the fruit type of Cambodians Thot also taste different ages that have different ways of enjoying. Young people like to eat, they are still young because it kind of tea into the mouth soft, you can immediately should become smoky tang of young border. As for the older people like to eat them because they give teeth older old fruit will fully absorb the essence of heaven and earth, and while they sip longer for goods displace said.

How do Tea made from Thot left Cambodia in various ways, often they use the fruit Thot from 2 months to 4 months when it is not too old to pick down nor too small crane had just shut rice then they add up enough to grab cranes Thot left soft inside. Then they peel coated particles were taken outside and soak in cold water rinse for all pus inside and then they give the cooking pot with boiling water. If the old left, they put it in before cooking, and young flamingos they put in after boiling water so that they give jaggery in water in the pot when a little glue, then they switch to cool fire.

Vietnamese enjoy tea made from Cambodia Thot left them or eat with ice because then enjoying delicious also. If you go to Tour Cambodia should look back at the market shops to enjoy this dish as it sold everywhere, even in the restaurant, the dishes made from fruit Thot Che from Cambodia they do a picky more, see more than one country, eating with ice packed in the cup is very beautiful, little one eat this dish with glass.

But this dish is very simple to cook primarily palmyra fruit, siblings who wish to eat fruit tea made from Thot Thot Cambodia before choices should tell the seller complement try to look young or old crane because too old cooked tea, the leeway, with old too, we do not enjoy the status bar where the cool of this tea Moan, can cook with jaggery or sugar white sand for road nhé enough alone, wish you Tea made from left to cook from Cambodia Thot delicious.


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