Speaking of food, the way it comes to the kingdom of Cambodia is the diversity of types and abundant. Thot road cloak made of flower water so very sweet and utter guise flavor naturally be used in cooking tea, soup, food warehouses, warehouse … when you fish you use jaggery will increase the flavor of pan fish stock status and very sweet flavor from food to fuel very tasty.

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Jaggery is divided into very rich variety and diversity
Jaggery is divided into very rich variety and diversity

Jaggery is divided into very rich variety and diversity, it is also very shape sugar, as sugar Interment Thot, water seems Thot, Sugar Thot but common characteristics of these sugars are the products kites made crafts that out. Cambodia travel I see a lot of trees along roadsides Thot Carpentry however inexplicably sugars is how. Jaggery is the most typical type that people like to eat and use campuchia thousands of years, its leaf stems also very arduous in history and is the tool of murder during 1975. However Pon Pot virtually writer Cambodia is also associated with chemical plants, food made from sugars that are abundant and varied. Trees can say is Thot temple tower where the country always used many different stages as do the wood Thot Not Thot bridge with trees, or use images also struggle Thot tree so it also affects the life of great people Cambodia. Thot road now used widely wide, not only that but also the specialties known throughout Southeast Asia, it is now also used as gifts for those friends or the Tet holidays.

How to make jaggery?

Often when touring Cambodian people often ask questions related to tree Thot but many people are concerned that jaggery do how? Take road space and manufacturing segments like? How this particular you have the answers yet. By penetrating the fact I saw from A to Z how comparable share for everyone to clear. First one would cut the hollow bamboo tube forming tube 40cm long then do hook, those markers are taken drape trees and cut rolling Thot Thot entered the tube, so that as time ellipsis one tree to another country after a night jaggery will flow into bamboo tubes, the new morning brought people down on a large saucepan, heat the heat on and sat khoay Thot so that water does not burn, the classics people experience only a small fire approximately 2h, then water will glue your way, and sat khoay more hours, people are put into round or square frame is self-employed people. Water jaggery for one night after going gelling under question the mold shape. Then they take the package into the leaf canopy this way Thot created the famous road tieng. Toan set sounds like a simple process, but it is actually very complex. If anyone gets a chance to sweat tót fetters will understand the difficulty of making products.

Nowadays this specialty are very popular if someone once tourism Cambodia should buy yourself this quintessential product. To be honest with you, then this article is not 100% natural with nothing chemicals used during processing when not worry jaggery making industry. This dish often people used to drink tea, tea warehouse cook fish or excellent. Because it is very fragrant, its scent is unmistakably, besides water when not cooked Thot is excellent oral, or have other abilities that he was doing very tasty wine.


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