Journey To Explore Cambodia Tradition & Culture


Cambodian tradition & culture is strongly influenced by the religious ideas imported from India and China in all aspects of life as well as spirit and material of the Cambodian people. In addition, Cambodia also owns distinctive cultural features, stimulating the visitors to learn about the unique features of this land.

Cambodian beliefs

In Cambodian culture, Hinduism and Buddhism are the two most influential religions in various aspects of Cambodian people, ranging from social morality, aesthetics to behaviors among members of the family.

Cambodian communication styles

When communicating with each other, Cambodians have many different ways of greeting. This depends on different relationships, hierarchies and ages. This is also one of the characteristics of Cambodian culture. A traditional way of greeting is bending combined with clasping two hands in front of the chest. When you greet older people, you need to bend lower and clasp the hands at a higher position to show the respect.

Cambodia’s greeting

Present giving- a part of Cambodian cultural lifestyle

On traditional lunar new year holidays, Cambodians give presents to each other. This is considered part of the Cambodian lifestyle. Unlike other cultures, Cambodians do not usually celebrate birthdays because birthdays are not regarded as the memorable occasion in Cambodia. In fact, quite a few Cambodians of previous generations cannot exactly remember their birthday.

Present giving

Eating etiquette in Cambodia

At the dining table, Cambodians have quite formal behavior. When being invited to a meal, you need to wait until other people arrange a seat for you to avoid violating the rules of the Cambodian hierarchy. In case you are not sure what to do at the dining table, the simplest way is to follow the neighboring people. As usual, when starting the meal, the oldest person will be the first one to sit and eat. This is also one of the Cambodian cultures that you should take notice of when coming to this land.

Eating etiquette

Traditional festivals in Cambodia

The Kingdom of Cambodia is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. Every year, Cambodia attracts a large number of tourists. The most famous attraction here is Angkor Wat together with other constructions of Angkor complex. There are quite a few traditional festivals, bearing the Cambodian cultural identities such as:

  • Water festival (Bom Chaul Chnam) is the largest festival in Cambodia. The festival is held to celebrate a bumper rice harvest.
  • Royal ploughing festival (Bon Chroat Preah Nongkoal) is held at the Royal Palace to show the king’s concern for the people and the crops.
  • Bonn Prathen is the largest Buddhist festival of the year.
  • Traditional Tet in Cambodia (Choul Chnam Thmey) is to welcome Lunar New Year and have fun parties together with family.
Cambodia’s festival

In addition, many other festivals bringing the characteristics of Cambodia is held during the year. Some of them are boat racing and Soul Day (Pchum Ben Day).  

Cambodia is really a lovely country with a lot of things to explore. Hopefully, with the information in this article, you can get more understanding of Cambodian tradition & culture.