Where to Eat Spiders in Cambodia


Cambodia is famous for the dishes from insects, especially spiders. Quite a few tourists are curious about this special dish and desire to find out where to eat spiders in Cambodia while some others are frightened of the appearance of spiders.
A CNN reporter shared his experience when enjoying a special dish in Cambodia named crispily fried spiders. A giant spider hanging in front of his mouth seems to die, but it still looked scary. He felt that its taste was not too bad and somewhat like dishes from crab.
However, the scientists said that the taste can be significantly affected by the smell and the shape of the dish. When seeing this hairy insect, he just felt so disgusting. Even when he fry the spider until crisp in a traditional way under the guidance of a spider chef in Siem ReapNevertheless, the fragrance and the taste of garlic can not help him to overcome the nightmare when he looked at this dish.

Fried spiders in Cambodia

Meet the need of tourists

In some parts of Asia, insects are sold to curious visitors who are hunting a unique and odd photo. They would like to take pictures of themselves eating a flea or a grasshopper, then post them on Instagram to keep good memories of their adventures.

However, the majority of local people are not really fond of eating these insects. It is just a tip to earn a living by being involved in tourist services.

Eat fried spiders in Cambodia

In contrast, in Cambodia, these spiders are real dishes and sold at a cost of $1 per spider. This price is considered to be a relatively large amount in Cambodia where the minimum wage is only $ 6 per day.

A local cooking teacher named Ouch Ratana earn money by selling fried spiders on the streets of Siem Reap. He assured that spiders are really one of the favorite dishes of Cambodians. He shared that in one day, he sold dozens of spiders. This is a perfect dish if accompanied by cold beer or rice wine. However, the prices are not cheap; therefore, people only eat them at special events like birthday parties, each person can eat one or two spiders.

How to prepare a hairy spider

Mr. Ouch Ratana usually catches spiders in Kampong Cham, which is more than 200 kilometers from Siem Reap to the southeast where many local people spend their whole days seeking spiders. When finding out the residence of spiders, they will kill the spiders hiding inside by stabbing them with a stick or pour hot water into this place.

Dishes made from spiders

All these unfortunate spiders will lose their life on a frying pan. At first, he selected three chubby spiders and dipped them in an opaque white bowl of water which is a mixture of sugar, salt, garlic, herbs, crispy fried chicken powder and water. The spiders are often fried in boiling oil for less than 45 seconds, which makes their cover crispy and the inside part soft.  The body of the spiders is the most delicious because it contains a lot of flavors.
If coming to Cambodia, you should not miss the opportunity to discover Cambodian cuisine through the dishes from insects here. Despite not owning good appearance, these dishes have delicious tastes.