What to eat in Laos

What to eat in Laos
What to eat in Laos

It is possible that Laos cuisine is not highly appreciated compared to other countries in the Southeast Asia. However, in reality, this land owns various delicious food that is believed to make a deep impression on you. Therefore, coming here, besides famous places to visit in Laos, you should spend time exploring Laos cuisine. This article would like to share you what to eat in Laos so that you can completely enjoy the cream of Laos food.

Sticky rice (Klao niaw)

Klao niaw - What to eat in Laos
Klao niaw – What to eat in Laos

Rice is a highly valued food in Laos, particularly sticky rice although ordinary rice (Khao Chao) and vermicelli rice (Khao poon) are also quite popular here. Laos’ families usually take rice from a common bowl or have their own bowl and eat rice with their hands. When eating, the Laotians will knead the sticky rice into small pieces, that are used as spoons to scrape their plates and put the food into the mouth or dip into the sauce. A chief at Phu Doi – a famous restaurant in Luang Prabang shared the secret of creating the tiptop sticky rice that sticky rice should be soaked overnight before being used, then washed several times before being steamed in a bamboo basket. In addition, coming to Laos, you will have opportunities to enjoy this fascinating Khao Lam sticky rice. With this food, glutinous rice will be put inside a bamboo tube and baked on a fire.

Laap (Meat Salad)

Laap (Meat Salad) - What to eat in Laos
Laap (Meat Salad)- What to eat in Laos

In the Lao language, Laap means the luck and the wish for peace. Raw materials for making this dish involve beef, pork and chicken mixed with minced liver and spices such as lemon juice, chilli and lesser galangal. After mixed together, Laap will be served with lettuces like fish mint, lettuce and yardlong beans. The sour taste of lime juice, the spicy taste of chili and the aroma of other spices bring visitors the unforgettable experience.

Tourists can easily find out restaurants offering this dish including luxurious to cheap ones all over the country.

Tam Mak Houng

Tam Mak Houng - What to eat in Laos
Tam Mak Houng – What to eat in Laos

Papaya salad in Laos language is called  Tam Mak Houng. To make this food, it is recommended to select the papaya that is not green but not nearly ripe. After being cut into pieces, papaya will be placed in a mortar to be thrashed lightly. The spices include lemon juice, shrimp sauce, eggplant, peppercorn and chili. If eating papaya salad of Laos, you will realize the aroma of spices blended with the sour taste that creates the distinctive flavor for the food. Almost all the restaurants in Laos serve this dish.

French-style crusty bread

French-style crusty bread - What to eat in Laos
French-style crusty bread – What to eat in Laos

Laos experiencing a long period of being a French colony, French cuisine is rather popular in Laos, and can easily be found everywhere, especially in restaurants in Vientiane and Luang Prabang. In particular, French-style crusty bread or baguette is often served for breakfast in Laos. Beside, Laotians dip the bread in cappuccino or eat with fried eggs or pâté.


Khausoy - What to eat in Laos
Khausoy – What to eat in Laos

Khausoy is one of the most famous dishes in Luang Prabang. This food has some similarity with Phở Vietnam but raw materials for processing are much simpler. The broth of  Khausoy is just boiled and filtered water which then, noodles are scalded in. After that, they pour the soup and noodles into a bowl and apply Khausoy on them. This food is accompanied with mustard green, raw spinach, shallot, pepper and hot sauce. Khausoy, which is the most important ingredient of this dish, is made of minced pork mixed with garlic, tomatoes and kinds of spices.

A special feature of the dish is that it is not required to include stewed bone water but when mixed with Khausoy, it still has an attractive smell and a special sweet taste.


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