Where to Eat Breakfast in Nha Trang


To start a new day, many people wonder what the local people in Nha Trang will eat for breakfast. The article below will help you to discover a typical breakfast in the coastal city of Nha Trang, Vietnam and where to eat breakfast in Nha TrangThe food for breakfast here quite simple. You can enjoy a bowl of sea chub noodles (bánh canh cá dầm), jellyfish noodles (bún sứa), sticky rice with anchovy (xôi cá cơm) or Vietnamese crepe with squid (bánh xèo mực) to feel about the salty taste of the breakfast in the coastal city of Nha Trang.

Bánh canh cá dầm (sea chub noodles) and bánh mì (bread)

“Bánh canh cá dầm” is one of the familiar meals of the local people. The broth that is made from fish and pork ribs has a slightly sweet taste. This food is accompanied by small pieces of sailfish or mackerel, and a bit of chili will make this dish tastier.

As usual, the noodles are also eaten with bread so that you will have a full stomach for a long time.

Bánh canh cá dầm

Bún chả cá sứa (Grilled fish ball and jellyfish noodles)  

In the list of delicious foods of Nha Trang, “bún chả cá sứa” is considered to be one of the tastiest dishes. A bowl of “bún chả cá sứa” is usually served with the pure and sweet broth processed from ponyfish, starry triggerfish and tomato.

Bún chả cá sứa

Xôi cá cơm cô Loan (Ms. Loan sticky rice with anchovy)

For generations of the people in Nha Trang, Ms. Loan sticky rice with anchovy, which is located on Huynh Thuc Khang street and opposite the old movie theater has long become a familiar food for breakfast.

This dish looks simple but quite sophisticated. The anchovy is often cooked with many ingredients. In particular, it is revealed by Ms. Loan that coconut water is a secret of creating a strong and unique flavor for the dish.

A plate of delicious sticky rice results from the combination of the salty taste of anchovies, the fragrance of sticky rice and the greasy taste of onion. For only 10,000 VND, you can start a new day with a plate of delicious sticky rice with anchovy.

Bánh xèo mực (Vietnamese crepe with squid)

Another delightful meal for breakfast is “bánh xèo mực,” which is a blend of the Vietnamese crepe and fresh squid. This attractive dish brings a new feature to the taste of the breakfast in the coastal city. A piece of delicious “bánh xèo mực” is often eaten with raw vegetables and dipped in fish sauce or chili garlic sauce.

Bánh xèo mực

A cup of coffee Nha Trang

After finishing your breakfast, Nha Trang’s people will go to a sidewalk cafe to enjoy a cup of black coffee before starting their working day. Besides, you can enter some beachfront cafes, or buy a cup of coffee to sip and walk along Tran Phu street. In the space of blue sea, white sand and yellow sunshine, drinking some coffee will bring you an unforgettable breakfast.

Drink coffee in Nha Trang

You can choose one of the above-mentioned suggestions to have a good breakfast in Nha Trang. For more information about Vietnam’s cuisine, you can contact us.