What to Eat in Halong Bay


This article will introduce you what to eat In Halong Bay. In addition to oysters and peanut worms,  there are many other delicious dishes for visitors to try in Halong. For example,  steamed squid with guava, stuffed pancake with squid sausage and Tài Lồng Ệp are some of the favorite dishes of visitors when traveling to Halong.

Stir-fried snail

Coming to Halong, certainly, you can not miss the dishes from snail. The stir-fried snail is one of the favorite foods of the local people. The price is not expensive, just about 35,000 VND per plate, depending on the type of snail. To eat this dish, you are advised to go to the sidewalk food stalls where you will feel more comfortable when enjoying the snail processed in a simple way. Snail fried with soy sauce, lemongrass, tamarind sauce and coconut has the fine taste and attracts a lot of visitors. In Halong, there are also many types of snails for you to choose but the most common ones are Dieu snail, Mut snail and Buou snail.

Stir-fried snail

You can refer to some addresses such as the snail restaurant next to the Quang Ninh Museum on Nguyen Van Cu Street and Van Lang sidewalk restaurant. Almost all the restaurants in Halong serve customers with boiled, stir-fried and grilled snails. However, if you want to eat oysters, you are still served here.

Steamed squid with guava

The ingredients of this dish consist of delicious squid, tamarind sauce and guava leaves. Selected squids should be light, blue and has smooth skin. After the preliminary treatment, the chef line the bottom of the pot with guava leaves, then put squid into the spot. For the next step, tamarind sauce is sprinkled over the squid and finally, another guava leave is supplemented. The time for steaming is only about 10 minutes. You wait until the squids get purple and shrink.

Steamed squid with guava

Guava leaves are used as the raw material; therefore, this dish is characteristically acrid. In addition, you can feel the sour taste created by a little tamarind. This dish can be eaten with rice or dipped in ginger and chili sauce. Some suggested addresses include Bai Chay, Vuon Dao, Cai Dam and Ben Doan.

Stuffed pancake with squid sausage

What makes the difference between the stuffed pancake in Halong and that in other places are golden fried squid sausages. To have a tasty piece of squid sausage, the chefs often choose fresh “mực mai” – the squid with a white and thick body. After the initial processing, the squid is crushed by hand to keep the crispness.

Stuffed pancake with squid sausage

Some places add some fat and ice while the squid sausages are being fried so that they become crispy and delicious. The dish is served with the sweet, sour and spicy sauce and raw vegetables.

Tài lồng ệp

Tài lồng ệp is a unique dish in Quang Ninh in general and Halong Bay in particular. This cake is round, soft, glutinous, brown and sweet and is covered with sesame seeds on the surface. Other ingredients consist of sticky rice flour, rock sugar or molasses.

First of all, the sticky rice flour is finely ground, then mixed with rock sugar. After that, this mixture is kneaded until it is smooth and not sticky. At this time, the cake will be put into the mold and steamed for 8 hours. This dish is sold near temples and pagodas like Long Tien and Tran Quoc Nghien.

Traveling in Halong, you should try these dishes to completely enjoy Halong bay. To learn more about Halong and Vietnamese cuisine, please contact us.