Most Famous Kinds of Bread in Vietnam (part 1)


Bánh mì (bread) is one of the most famous street foods in Vietnam. Bread fans will be delighted to enjoy the bread with different tastes from various regions. In this article, we would like to introduce some of the most famous kinds of bread in Vietnam including Hanoi bread, breadstick in Hai Phong and bread with barbecue pork in Hue.

Hanoi bread

Bread with fried fermented pork rolls and potatoes

This food is a combination of bread, fried fermented pork rolls and potatoes. Of them, fried fermented rolls and potatoes are two of the favorite popular snacks of Hanoi’s people. The bread is grilled hot before a pair of fried pork rolls and potatoes are stuffed into the bread. Then, a little mayonnaise and sweet chili paste will be sprinkled over the stuffing. Besides, the food is accompanied by a few slices of cucumber. After that, we will have the bread with the greasy and spicy tastes.

Bread with fried fermented pork rolls and potatoes

Bread pan

Besides “bánh mì kẹp” (sandwiches), “bánh mì chảo” (bread pan) in Hanoi is considered to be a unique dish of the capital. The name of the bread comes from the fact that this food is served in a hot cast iron pan with various ingredients like pâté, beef steak, omelet and a crunchy loaf of bread. The idea of making bread pan comes from Western-style steaks. However, Hanoi bread pan shops do not pay much attention to the beef that has a rather expensive price. The hot and crispy bread pan taken from the oven is an unforgettable highlight in the journey to explore street food in Hanoi.

Bread pan

Breadstick (Spicy bread) in Hai Phong

Selling breadstick in Hai Phong began in the 1980s. The first shop to sell this bread was located in Khanh Lap alley, Hang Kenh street. Until now, it is well known throughout the port city of Haiphong. Breadstick, also known as spicy bread is sprinkled with the special chili sauce that is almost indispensable for a breadstick. Because of the special shape, just slightly bigger than a finger and longer than a span people also call this bread “bánh mì que” (breadstick).

Breadstick in Hai Phong

The soul of spicy bread comes from the simple stuffing which is commonly known as pâté. Pâté is the only ingredient used for making Hai Phong spicy bread. Almost all the renown spicy bread shops make pâté by themselves.

However, the decisive thing that creates the strange name of the dish is the ingredient that brings about the spicy taste. This is a kind of special chili sauce that just can be found in Hai Phong named “chíu trương”. This name originated from the language of Hoa people living in Haiphong many years ago. Today, from the port city, the reputation of spicy bread has been rapidly growing throughout Vietnam.

Bread with barbecue pork in Hue

Bread with barbecue pork has the same size as other types of popular Vietnamese bread such as pate and egg bread. However, the meat included in the bread is cooked in the typical Hue style. This is a unique method of braising meat which brings a tasty and spicy flavor. After being processed, the meat is a bit tough and crispy.

Bread with barbecue pork in Hue

Char siu bread often consists of a loaf of bread, barbecue pork, cucumber, corriander, papaya, carrot and chili paste. Nowadays, in Hue, many other ingredients including pork roll and pâté are added to the bread.

If you are a fan of Vietnamese food, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the kinds of bread above. To learn more about the unique characteristics of Vietnamese cuisine, please regularly visit our website.