Famous Food To Eat in Sapa


The food in Sapa is very diverse with the characteristics of the northwest forest. Coming to Sapa, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the famous food to eat in Sapa such as fresh vegetables, salmon and “thang co”.

Sapa Salmon

Salmon is considered to be a must-eat dish when traveling to Sapa. Coming to this northwestern region, you will enjoy the pleasant taste of salmon and visit the largest salmon farms in the northern Vietnam.

Salmon in Sapa

The most popular salmon in Sapa is rainbow trout. Although being bred in many places, tourists often choose the Bac waterfall because it is near the tourist sites and located at the foot of Fansipan, which is convenient for traveling.

Salmon in Sapa can be processed into many delicious dishes such as salmon salad, fried salmon, salmon hotpot, grilled salmon or salad with salmon dipped in orange sauce and green pepper.

Thang Co

Thang Co is a typical dish of H’mong ethnic minority in the northern mountain, Vietnam. In minority language, “thang co” means a pot of soup, consisting of various types of meat, black pudding, heart, liver, horse’s lung and some kinds of vegetables mixed with special spices.

Thang Co

There’s nothing more interesting than sitting beside a hot pot, enjoying the creasy and sweet taste and sipping a cup of corn wine, especially in the cold air with strong winds.

Carried-under-arm pig

This is the free-range pig of the indigenous H’mong. Occasionally the local people catch a pig and carry it under their arms to sold in the market; therefore, it is called carried-under-arm pig. An adult carried-under-arm pig weighs just 4 or 5kg. As usual, these pigs will be cleaned, marinated with spices, then grilled in full.

Carried-under-arm pig

Black chicken

A black chicken weighs 0.5 kg. Numerous dishes can be processed from a black chicken but the most delicious one is grilled chicken with honey. The grilled chicken is cooked hot; eaten with mint leaves and dipped in lemon pepper and salt. It would be a great pity if you visit Sapa without eating this food.

Black chicken in Sapa

Tao Meo wine and Shanlung wine

These are the two most famous wines in Sapa. You can buy fine Tao Meo wine at the Hmong market and Shan Lung is bought at the Red Dao market. More interestingly, with Shanlung, you can go to Shan Lung village, Ban Xo commune, Bat Xat district to observe the way of cooking wine by the Red Yao and enjoy the first drops of wine when it has been just completed. Even you may be given a bottle of Shanlung to bring back home.

Tao Meo wine

Thit trau gac bep (dried buffalo meat)

In the list of Sapa delicacies, thit trau gac bep is a must-eat food. Different from other places, thit trau gac bep here is made of local buffaloes which is marinated with esoteric spices and dried by the heat and smoke of the wood stove day by day. For this reason, the dried buffalo meat has its own characteristic taste.

Thit trau gac bep

In addition to the above delicious foods in Sapa, you can taste many other fine dishes including types of cakes, forest shoots, peach and plum. In conclusion, Sapa is really a fascinating land for those who expect to explore regional cuisine in Vietnam.