Best Breakfast In Ho Chi Minh City


The morning of Ho Chi Minh City is often covered with the hustle and bustle when all the streets are filled with numerous types of vehicles. Many people become too busy with a mountain of works for a new day, so they just have a quick breakfast with a loaf of bread or sticky rice. So if having some leisure time at weekend, which dish do the locals usually have for their breakfast? This article will introduce you the best breakfast in Ho Chi Minh City.

Broken rice

Broken rice is a specialty of the whole Southern Vietnam region. However, only when enjoying Saigon-style broken rice, you can enjoy the characteristic taste of broken rice.

The broken rice is closely associated with three dishes including ribs, pork skin and grilled chopped meat. The rib meat that is moderately seasoned with spices before being thoroughly baked is an indispensable part of the dish. Besides, greasy meatballs along with crispy and dry pork skin enhance the delicious taste of the broken rice. For the last step, the dipping sauce that is created by a variety of tastes including sourness, spiciness, saltiness and sweetness and some fried onions sprinkles over each grain of rice.

Broken rice

Bread pan

Each restaurant offers different types of food. But one portion of bread pan often consists of two fried eggs. Eggs are cooked on medium fire so that yolk is done to a turn. Other ingredients are sausage, meat, ham and fatty liver pate. All of them are placed in a pan.

The dish is also sprinkled with a little pepper, coriander and green onion. Besides, bread must also be grilled hot and crispy. When eating, you dip a slice of bread into the egg yolk. Along with a little pate and sausage, bread pan becomes a perfect choice for breakfast.

Saigon’s bread pan

Bánh ướt (wet rice cake) and bánh cuốn (stuffed pancake)

The plates of “bánh cuốn” and “bánh ướt” bringing the northern flavor have become familiar at breakfast of the Saigon’s people.

“Bánh cuốn” in the Southern region is also varied more or less to satisfy the appetite of the locals. Rice flour is poured into the pot to create a thin layer. Other ingredients including minced meat, mushrooms and cooked green beans are all rolled in this layer of flour. Saigonese “bánh cuốn” is often served with “chả lụa” (pork sausage), “bánh tôm” (shrimp cake) and “nem chua” (fermented pork roll). In addition, the sweet and sour sauce, bean sprouts and crisply fried onions will perfect your “bánh cuốn”.

Besides traditional “bánh cuốn”, Saigon offers “bánh cuốn trứng” (egg pancake), a great variation for more delicious taste.

Bánh cuốn in Saigon

Bread and fresh milk

Fresh milk is a simple drink but it is preferred by many people. To have breakfast in Ho Chi Minh City, you can sit on a plastic seat along the road to enjoy the atmosphere of the street while sipping a cup of fresh and sweet milk.

Located on the small road of Da Kao, District 1, Mười fresh milk is always filled with rows of diners every morning. This restaurant serves a few simple dishes such as fresh cow’s milk, soy milk and homemade yogurt.

Besides, you can order some slices of sweet bread for dessert.

Bread and fresh milk

Breakfast is regarded as the most important meal of the day. If coming to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, you should go out to enjoy these dishes for breakfast instead of taking a breakfast buffet at the hotel.