3 Strange Exotic Hot Pot Dishes of Hanoi


Hot pot is an ideal dish for cold days in Hanoi, Vietnam. In addition to popular hot pot dishes whose broth is taken from pork ribs, there are a lot of strange exotic hot pot dishes of Hanoi. After that, we will introduce 3 special hot pot dishes including dry goat hot pot, porridge hot pot and chicken with glutinous rice wine hot pot.

Dry goat hot pot

To cook this special dish, we need to prepare a lot of spices. First of all, goat meat is scalded with boiled water to remove the bad smell, then fried in the oil. After that, it continues to be fried with ginger, curry leaf and cardamom. When the meat absorbs all the spices, the food is put into the pot and taken to diners.

The explanation for the name of dry goat hot pot is that a little water is added the food in the whole process of cooking, then supplemented with a special type of beer, which makes the dish tasty and fragrant. After being processed, pieces of goat meat become tough, savory and sweet.

Some suggestions of dry goat hot pot are restaurants on Lac Long Quan and Chau Long streets.

Dry goat hot pot

Porridge hot pot

Porridge hot pot originates from Guangzhou, China and quickly becomes one of the favorite dishes of Hanoi people, especially in the cold days. This dish is a combination of hot pot and porridge. The porridge is quite dilute.

To have delicious porridge hot pot, the food is usually added with some ingredients such as shiitake, amomum tsaoko, jujube, sea cucumber and tear grass. For this reason, this hot pot has slight fragrance instead of strong smell like other types of hot pot. Other types of hot pot. Depending on the main ingredients of the hot pot, porridge hot pot is divided into different kinds such as porridge with bird meat, fish porridge, chicken porridge and seafood porridge.

The hot pot is accompanied by some kinds of vegetables including mushroom, glebionis coronaria, napa cabbage, water spinach and brown mustard. As usual noodles and rice vermicelli are not included when you eat porridge hot pot.

You can try porridge hot pot in some restaurants like Hoe Nhai, Nguyen Cao, Quan Su and Thuy Khue streets.

Porridge hot pot

Chicken with glutinous rice wine hot pot

Different from other chicken hot pot dishes, the broth of this hot pot is added with glutinous rice wine to create a characteristic taste including slight sourness of glutinous rice and sweet taste of chicken.

In addition, the restaurants that are famous for this dish have to cook the wine by themselves or take wine from the prestigious wine production base in order to ensure that the quality of the wine.

Chicken meat used for the hot pot is often cut into pieces. When the hot pot water is boiling, you put the chicken in the pot. The glutinous rice wine hot pot is served with water spinach, sawtooth herb and green onion.

You can enjoy this hot pot at the restaurants on Nguyen Du and Quang Trung streets.

Chicken with glutinous rice wine hot pot

Coming to Hanoi, you will get a chance to explore Vietnam’s cuisine. If you want to enjoy hot pot dishes in the cold weather in Hanoi, the above-mentioned restaurants will be good choices for you. In addition to hot pot dishes, Hanoi has many other delicious foods.