Most Famous Kinds of Bread in Vietnam (part 3)


In this article, we continue to list the names of the most famous kinds of bread in Vietnam, particularly, Hoi An bread and Danang bread. Hoi An is famous for “bánh mì Phượng” and “bánh mì Madame Khanh”. In Da Nang, “bánh mì gà,” “bánh mì cá khô,” bánh mì bột lọc” and “bánh mì heo quay” are loved by many people.

Hoi An bread

Bánh mì Phượng (Phượng bread)

There are three special things of “bánh mì Phượng”: bread crust, sauce and raw vegetables. All of them combine rather harmoniously and reasonably. Enjoy “bánh mì Phượng”, you will realize that the bread crust here is always crispier and stiffer than the bread in Hanoi or Saigon. This is also a necessary factor that makes the bread not too soft when it is sprinkled with three special kinds of sauce. Besides, “bánh mì Phượng” becomes impressive because they are accompanied by many kinds of raw vegetables such as onion, coriander, basil and the typical herb in Hoi An. Almost no cuisine lovers miss this food in Hoi An when traveling here.

Bánh mì Phượng (Phượng bread)

Bánh mì Madame Khanh (Madame Khanh bread)

The bread here consists of more than 10 kinds of stuffings: roasted meat, grilled meat, fried eggs, pickled vegetables, pâté, cheese, sauce and salad. Every kind of bread is meticulously made through distinctive secrets by the baker, who is over 80 years old. Each step of making bread is taken slowly. Therefore, those who often eat fast food or have little time may feel uncomfortable while waiting for the bread to finish. However, if being patient, you certainly will receive the reward exceeding your expectation.

Bánh mì Madame Khanh (Madame Khanh bread)

Danang bread

Bánh mì gà (Chicken bread)

The length of Danang chicken bread is only half a normal loaf of bread but its width is twice other types of bread. The stuffing of bread includes chicken egg sauce, ham, papaya and cucumber. For those who like a little spicy taste, the baker will sprinkle chili over the stuffing. It can be said that chicken butter sauce is the soul of this food. This sauce has high density, yellow color, fragrant smell and greasy taste.

Chicken bread

Bánh mì cá khô (Dried fish bread)

Simmered fish is a very popular dish in Da Nang. Nowadays, it is also placed inside a loaf of bread, which creates a new dish named “bánh mì cá khô”. The stuffing is quite simple, including coriander, cucumber, dried fish and sweet and salty sauce. As usual, the fish is also quite spicy, so the baker just adds some spices if the customers ask it.

Bánh mì bột lọc (Bread with clear flour cake)

This dish is the combination of two types of flour as well as two kinds of popular cake: bread and clear flour cake. Clear flour cake of all kinds of stuffing including green bean, shrimp or meat is placed inside a loaf of bread. Besides, it is added with some slices of beef. Then, chili and fish sauce is sprinkled over the bread stuffing.

Bread with clear flour cake

Bánh mì heo quay (Roasted pork bread)

Roasted pork stalls in Da Nang offer pork and bread with roasted pork as well. The roasted pork is sliced into small pieces to put inside bread, then sprinkled with a little pepper and added with coriander, soy sauce and chili sauce. When eating, you will feel the fat of the chis food is greasy but does not cloy. Dependirispy pork. Tng on the preferences of the customer, the seller will select the pork section to stuff the bread.

If having an opportunity to come to Da Nang and Hoi An, you should not miss the bread above and other specialties such as Mì Quảng (Quang noodles), Cháo vịt (porridge with duck meat) and Cao lầu (high floor). To get more knowledge of Vietnamese cuisine and Vietnam travel, you can read Most Famous Kinds of Bread in Vietnam (part 2).