Most Famous Kinds of Bread in Vietnam (part 2)


Besides various famous kinds of bread in Vietnam including Hanoi bread, Hai Phong bread and Hue bread, many other regions throughout Vietnam will bring you the distinctive flavor of the bread. In particular, Saigon has some delicious bread including Bánh mì thịt nướng (Bread with grilled meat), Bánh mì phá lấu (bread with offal stew) and Bánh mì bì (Bread with pork skin) while Bánh mì chả cá (Bread with fried chopped fishball) in Nha Trang is attractive to a great number of local people and tourists as well.

Saigon bread

Bánh mì thịt nướng (Bread with grilled meat)

You should enjoy this kind of bread to fully feel the taste of Saigon. The dish is mixed between French and Vietnamese cuisine. The crispy bread is the essence of French culture, but the whole stuffing that consists of grilled meat, sliced cucumbers, pickle, coriander and sauce carries the Vietnamese features.

Bread with grilled meat

A loaf of bread with grilled meat includes five pieces of golden barbequed meat, along with vegetables and pickle. The meat owns the sweetness because it is seasoned with sugar. The faint aroma comes from lemon. In addition, the dish is balanced by the sour taste of pickled vegetables. Nevertheless, a unique thing of this bread is the special sauce that makes all the ingredients blend together, creating an extremely harmonious flavor.

Bánh mì phá lấu (bread with offal stew)

Offal stew is one of the favorite foods of Saigon people. Therefore, it is no surprise that this dish is present in the Saigon bread. There are two ways to enjoy “bánh mì phá lấu”: offal stew accompanied by the sauce, then eaten with bread and dry offal stew placed inside bread. You can choose from a variety of offal stew for bread such as liver, tongue, quail eggs, duck gut and duck gizzard. You will get a great experience of Saigon cuisine when enjoying a loaf of bread with the crunchy and tasty pieces of offal stew.

Bread with offal stew

Bánh mì bì (Bread with pork skin)

As usual, pork skin is a good dish to be served with broken rice. Besides, the combination of pork skin and bread brings a memorable taste. To increase the attractiveness of this fragrant dish, bakers often have to painstakingly make the sauce to have a pleasant flavor before adding some slices of cucumber and pickled vegetables.

Bread with pork skin

Bánh mì chả cá in Nha Trang (Bread with fried chopped fishball)

Nha Trang bread is famous for the recipe of a hollow bread that includes no butter and crispy crust. Because of having no smell of butter, this food almost does not cloy customers. Nha Trang bread is super crispy. Therefore, if the bread is just dipped in dense milk or even not served with other dishes, the taste is still delicious This type of bread also combines with all kinds of stuffings and sauces.

The most famous bread in Nha Trang is bread with fried chopped fishball. The fish balls are made from lean meat of basa fish or mackerel. They are seasoned with a little spice, sliced into threads and deep fried until they change into golden color and have a pleasant fragrance; then they will be put inside the bread and accompanied by raw vegetables. Chili sauce and fresh chili also contribute to enhancing the pungent taste while also reducing the fishy smell. In reality, bread with fried chopped fish balls is not only a typical dish of Nha Trang cuisine but also available in many other coastal areas such as Vung Tau.

Bread with fried chopped fishball

Because of its crispness and thinness, Nha Trang bread is often eaten with some sauces such as stewed beef or stomach cooked with green peppercorn. The blend of the crispiness of the bread and the dampness of the sauce creates the perfect flavor.

In addition to types of bread, you should get an opportunity to enjoy other Vietnamese specialties such as phở (Vietnamese noodles), bánh cuốn (stuffed cake) and rice vermicelli with snails. It is suggested to refer to Most Famous Kinds of Bread in Vietnam (part 1).