The Best Street Food In Vientiane, Laos


Street food is one of the outstanding beauties that almost all tourists desire to explore when traveling in Southeast Asian countries. Like many other Asian countries, Lao cuisine owns interesting features, especially when you come to Vientiane – the capital of Laos. The first impression is that the local people are extremely friendly and hospitable. In addition, all the restaurants and shops are arranged in order and garbage is put in the right place. Coming to Vientiane, you will be overwhelmed by the diversity and the delicious taste of the street food here. A host of eye-catching and delicious dishes are sold. After that, this article will show you the best street food in Vientiane, Laos.

Steamed Sticky Rice

White steamed sticky rice is quite familiar to the local people here. This dish is put in a bamboo basket. The sticky rice is made from viscous and fragrant sticky rice and is often served with grilled chicken, boiled vegetables and dipped into the typical Lao sauce named cheo boong. You can enjoy this sticky rice with the price of only 15,000 kips per basket.

Steamed sticky rice

Grilled dishes

Laos is a landlocked country so there is not any sea in this country. Therefore, the seafood will be replaced by fish in the river. Fish and other types of meat are used as ingredients for the grilled dishes in Laos. Entering night markets or food stalls in Laos, you can easily see numerous small restaurants for barbecue with many tables in close proximity to each other and banana leaves covered with the grease of grilled meat and fish.

Grilled dishes in Laos

The tables are filled with grilled dishes overlapping each other. The served food include various dishes from fish and meat such as blotched snakehead, snapper, chicken thighs, chicken wings, chicken as a whole clamped by a bamboo stick, grilled bird and pork side. All of them are covered with the gold color and placed on the green banana leaves.

Besides, you can enjoy the sausages made from pork and supplemented with spices, rice and lemongrass.


Bread is a favorite street food in Laos. The bread has a crispy crust and the filling consist of pork liver paté, pork sausage, carrot, spinach, cucumber, mayonnaise and chili paste. Bread is often served at breakfast and can be found out at many roadside food stalls.

Laos’ bread

Green papaya salad

An indispensable dish in daily meals of the Lao people is green papaya salad. Papaya salad may be eaten with the sauce. This dish is sold in a lot of restaurants throughout Vientiane, Laos.

Green papaya salad in Vientiane

Dishes from insects

Laos has typical dishes from insects such as cricket, ant egg or spider. Various dishes like fried, steamed or pickled dishes are processed from insects.

Dishes from insects

In fact, you can visit night markets in Vientiane to enjoy the street food with cheap prices. Two good places for eating in Vientiane are Vangthong and Vientiane night markets.

The street food in Vientiane, Laos is not as sophisticated as European cuisine or processed meticulously like Chinese Japanese and Korean cuisine. On the other hand, although the street food here is simple, it is made in a creative way.