Discover Features Of Lao Food


Lao food is not as complex or diverse as its neighbors such as China, Thailand and Vietnam, but its food is always highly appreciated by tasty flavor and creativity. Lao cuisine is characterized by exquisite flavors made from simple ingredients and unique combination.

Sticky rice

Laotians often eat sticky rice. This is the most popular food in Lao. Sticky rice is shaped into small pieces, then the locals use their hand to eat instead of taking food with spoon or chopsticks. Because of this habit of eating, Lao people have the unique food of bamboo rice.

Lao sticky rice

Grilled dishes

Laos is a landlocked country, seafood is replaced with freshwater fish in the river. Fish and other types of meat are used as ingredients for baking. Going into restaurants and night markets in Laos, you will easily see barbecue stalls where baked food is displayed on the tables covered with greasy banana leaves.

The table is filled with skewers of food including grilled snakehead, barramundi, chicken thighs, chicken wings, entire chicken that are clamped with bamboo skewers, shiny quails and crispy pork side. All of them are neatly arranged on banana leaves.

Grilled dishes


An indispensable food of Lao cuisine is larb, which means “luck” in the Lao language. This is a traditional food in the Lao festivals. Larb is made of animal meat including beef, deer meat, buffalo meat and fish.

The meat is finely chopped, then mixed with peppermint and lemon juice. This dish is not added with sugar and has sour and spicy tastes. Lard is commonly accompanied by types of herbs such as basil and cilantro. Greek food is usually served on special occasions or for honored guests.

Lao larb

Green papaya salad

Green papaya salad is the Lao dish that is quite similar to Thai cuisine. In Laos, it is called Tam maak hung. Most restaurants and eateries in Laos offer this dish. At meals, papaya salad is almost an indispensable dish.

Lao papaya salad contains the sauce for diners to dip other dishes. This food is usually accompanied by beer, sticky rice. The fragrance of spices and the sour taste brings diners a distinct feeling.  

Laos-style papaya salad

Lao moss

Another special food in Lao is Lao moss. The moss on rocks, river banks and streams are cleaned, crushed, seasoned with spices and pressed into thin sheets. Deep-fried moss has the distinctive dark green. When eating, you will find it crunchy and tasty. In Laos, this is a precious dish to serve guests.


Beer is considered a national dish in Laos. In reality, beer in every country is different from each other. The taste of Lao beer is varied to suit the taste of each nation. Instead of being served with ice, the Lao beer is iced before being poured into glasses. By this way, it retains the pure taste of beer. Lao beer is quite gentle. It is not as acrid as other types of beer.

Lao beer

If having an occasion to visit Lao, you should not miss Lao food. For more information about Lao travel, please contact us.