How to cook bún chả cá Danang (fish ball noodle)

bun cha ca Danang
bun cha ca Danang

In Da Nang, Vietnam, besides famous tourist spots, visitors should not miss the opportunity to enjoy bún chả cá – a specialty here. Bún chả cá is sold in many regions; however, bún chả cá Danang brings a different flavor.

Following is the recipe for bún chả cá Danang.

How to cook bún chả cá Danang

cha ca Danang
cha ca Danang

Ingredients (for 5 people)

  1. Featherback fish ball: 0.4 kilograms

(can be purchased at supermarkets)

2. Pig bone: 0.5 kilograms

3. Pumpkin + tomato + Pineapple + cabbage

4. Lettuce + small spring onion + shallot + basil

5. Spice: Cooking oil + salt + fish sauce + seasoning powder + shrimp paste + shacha sauce

Detailed steps of bún chả cá Danang

bun cha ca Danang
bun cha ca Danang

Step 1

In terms of pig bone, after cleaning with boiled water to remove bad odor, you cut the bone into pieces, then put them in a pot to simmer. Note that while simmering the bone, you should remove the foam on the water surface that makes the broth more delicious.

Step 2

Next, you clean and slice up small spring onion and shallot. Regarding fish balls, you when put them in a big bowl together with cooking oil, onion, shallot, fish sauce, seasoning paste; and mix all of them.

bun cha ca Danang
bun cha ca Danang

Step 3

After the preliminary treatment, you wash pumpkin, cabbage, tomatoes and pineapples; and then slice cabbage into large pieces, and pineapple and tomato into pieces with the medium size. Herbs are thoroughly washed and leave them to drain.

Step 4

You apply a little cooking oil on your hands, and knead fried fish into pieces of 5 centimeters in diameter and 1 centimeter in thickness; then divide the fried fish into 4 pieces equal in size. After pouring the oil into the pan to slightly boil and waiting for a few minutes until the oil boils, you gently put the fried fish in the pan. You fry these pieces until their color turns into yellow and red. For the next step, after taking out and letting them drain and cool, you slice the fried fished into thin pieces.

Step 5

After putting cabbage, pumpkin and pineapple in the pot, you pour a little oil into the pan to fry tomatoes so that all of them become yellow.  then you pour them into the pot of broth.

You need to keep the pot opened to test the taste of the broth and the softness of the pumpkin, and then cook for about 5-10 minutes.

Step 6

Put the noodles in a bowl; then apply several fish balls and spring onion and souse the broth on the noodles. This food is often served with leaf vegetables.

Some notes about the dish

Bún chả cá Danang is served hot and has no fishy smell. Fish balls are in red and yellow color and leathery. This Danang cuisine owns the sweetness of the broth and the aroma of vegetables and is accompanied by chili sauce, shrimp paste and leaf vegetables.

In conclusion, only with six simple steps, you can have a bowl bun cha Danang with delicious taste.


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