8 must-taste Vietnamese specialties


Vietnamese cuisine is well-known all over the world. If you have the opportunity to travel to Vietnam, you should not miss the discovery of Vietnamese street food. Following are 8 must-taste Vietnamese specialties: bánh mì, bánh xèo, bún chả, cao lầu, chả cá, cơm tấm, gỏi cuốn, nộm hoa chuối and phở.

Bánh mì (Vietnamese sandwich)

Despite being a simple food in Vietnam, ‘bánh mì” is loved by numerous foreign people and considered one of the Vietnamese specialties. “Bánh mì” is also listed among the most attractive street dishes in the world. Bread is usually grilled and accompanied by fried fish balls, pâte, fried eggs, grilled meat, raw vegetables and other pickles. In fact, there are a variety kinds of “bánh mì” in Vietnam.

“Bánh mì” in Hoi An

Bánh xèo (Vietnamese fried pancake)

Apart from “bánh mì”, “bánh xèo” is also a popular dish that is preferred by the local people and foreign tourists. The pancake is thinly coated on the pan with a wide range of fillings such as shrimp, pork and bean sprout. When eating, the pancake is wrapped in rolls of rice paper and served with types of herbs, pickles and sour and spicy sauce.

Bánh xèo in Vietnam

Bún chả (Rice vermicelli with grilled meatball)

“Bún chả” is ranked one of the world’s most delicious street foods. This Vietnamese specialty is available on every street corner of Hanoi. While enjoying the food, you will be excited about the aroma of grilled meatballs on the charcoal. Rice vermicelli is often eaten with the sweet and sour sauce that is seen as an indispensable part of the dish.

Bún chả in Hanoi

Cao lầu (High floor)

“Cao lầu” is one of the most famous specialties of Hoi An. With the unique taste, “cao lầu” becomes a must-try dish when coming to Vietnam in general and Hoi An in particular. The noodles used as an ingredient of the food have a larger size than normal. Besides, other ingredients like bean sprouts, char siu and special sauce create an impressive flavor.

Cao lầu in Hoi An

Chả cá (fishcake)

Fishcakes are also honored for its special taste. Fishcakes are often marinated to a special recipe, then deep-fried with green onions and dills. When served, you will take some fried fish, rice vermicelli, shrimp sauce and roasted peanuts.

Chả cá Lã Vọng

Cơm tấm (Broken rice)

Saigon-style broken rice is also one of the must-eat Vietnamese specialties. As usual, a plate of broken rice includes rice, grilled rib, egg and meat. In addition, this food is served with sweet and sour sauce and pickles.

Broken rice in Saigon

Gỏi cuốn (Spring roll)

Each piece of gỏi cuốn (spring roll) consists of pork, peeled shrimp and a lot of raw vegetables such as green banana, starfruit, salad and coriander. The standard spring roll is dipped in sweet and sour sauce or the sauce made of peanut and pig liver.

Gỏi cuốn

Phở (Vietnamese noodle soup)

“Phở” is a typical dish of Vietnamese cuisine; therefore, enjoying “phở” is a must-do thing in the trip to Vietnam. A familiar bowl of “phở” is comprised of beef, chicken and rice noodles. The most important part is the broth with the natural sweetness that is created by simmering pork ribs. The food is more eye-catching if adding some green onions and pepper.


Hope that with some given suggestions about Vietnamese specialties, you can get more understanding about the Vietnamese food. For more information about Vietnam travel, please contact us.