Traditional Colorful Festivals in Hue


Hue ancient capital is the land with a variety of unique cultural traditions and folk festivals. Long-standing festivals in Hue are elaborately held, which surely makes a deep impression on tourists from various regions. In the article below, we provide you some travel tips about traditional festivals in Hue.

Hon Chen Temple Festival

The rituals at Hon Chen temple is very solemn. The villagers make offerings at the communal house. Before the main festival, they welcome all the gods in the village to the communal house. The procession of Lady Po Nagar from Hue Nam to Hai Cat communal house is held the most ceremonially. The festival is similar to a folk cultural festival on the Perfume River, which is full of twin boats, colorful Buddhist pennon, incense tables. All the people make a pilgrimage to Hon Chen temple that worships Lady Po Nagar. At the temple, a range of ceremonies are celebrated, for example, the ceremony of Lady Po Nagar traveling around Hai Cat village, Hai Cat offering ritual, the greeting of Lady Po Nagar back the temple and life release.

Hon Chen Temple Festival

Hon Chen temple festival is for not only the followers of Puritans but also those who follow Đạo Mẫu (the worship of mother goddess). Accordingly, the restoration of Hon Chen temple festival has a great contribution to reviving traditional cultural values of the land.

Traditional Boat Racing Festival

The traditional boat racing festival in Thua Thien Hue province is a new festival that has been held since the Liberation Day in 1975. The festival is held on the National Day of Independence Day and just lasts for one day. The site for racing is celebrated in front of Hue High School for the Gifted, which is located on the bank of Perfume River.

Boat racing festival

The festival is aimed at creating favorable conditions for young people of both genders to compete on the waterways, thereby enhancing the health and bringing the happy atmosphere for the people. Boat racing in Hue is different from other parts of the country. Nowadays, for almost all the boat races across the country, people will race with a distance of 800 meters, 1000 meters and 3000 meters.

Gia Lac Spring Market

Gia Lac spring market takes place in Phu Thuong commune, Thua Thien Hue province and is about 3 kilometers from the center of Hue. Different from other normal markets, Gia Lac spring market opens on the first day of Tet. The people who go to market do not attach much importance to whether they get the profit or suffer from the loss. They simply consider this to be a spring trip. For this reason, this market is called Gia Lac, which means the happiness.

Gia Lac spring market

Commodities in Gia Lac market are diverse and vary from year to year. Some types of goods are household items, children’s toys, and food and drinks. Everyone is allowed to sell their products, from daily household utensils including bowl, betel tray, old teapot, clothes to children’s toys, cakes and fruits.

In addition, in the market, there are quite a lot of interesting traditional cultural activities such as Bai Choi game and rice pounding hò.

Visiting Hue at the time that these festivals are held, you should be involved in them to learn more about the characteristics of the Vietnamese history. You can refer to other articles on this website to promote your knowledge of Vietnamese travel information.