Experience the Best Nightlife in Nha Trang


Many of you know about Nha Trang through beautiful beaches and pristine islands covered with sun and wind. However, it is little known that Nha Trang’s nightlife is extremely exciting and attractive. If traveling to this coastal city, you should not miss the opportunity to experience the best nightlife in Nha Trang that will be shown in the article below.

Enjoy water music at VinPearl Land

In the night, VinPearl Land even becomes more sparkling and fanciful than in the daytime with and brings visitors countless great experiences. The most impressive are spectacular water music performances that are created by the perfect combination of sound, light and fountain. Normally, at VinPearl Land, every night, there are two periods of performing water music, particularly from 7 p.m to 7.25 p.m and from 8 p.m – 8.25 p.m.

Water music at VinPearl Land

Catch squid at night

As a famous coastal city, Nha Trang definitely gives you opportunities to take part in exciting activities. To make the squid catching smooth and safe, you should take a night squid fishing tour. You will be taken to the sea by fishermen who teach you how to catch squid. Then, you will enjoy seafood on the raft. The caught squids can be brought back and processed into different dishes by the chef on the boat.

Catch squid at night in Nha Trang

Visit Christian the King Cathedral, Nha Trang

In the heart of a lively coastal city is located a unique, ancient and nostalgic Western-style cathedral. At night, the cathedral is covered with beautiful color lights, so it becomes extremely sparkling and splendid, especially if you visit Nha Trang on Christmas or New Year. This is also one of the ideal places for couples to take wedding photos.

Christian the King Cathedral

Enter vibrant bars and clubs of Nha Trang

To be involved in the vibrant atmosphere, you are advised to visit Altitude Rooftop Bar Nha Trang, which is located on the 28th floor of Sheraton hotel with a stunning view, types of beverages, authentic cocktails and dance music. In addition, you can go to Rocky Club on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street. This is also one of the favorite places of young people in Nha Trang because there are many professional DJs and attractive drinks.

Altitude Rooftop Bar Nha Trang

Visit Nha Trang’s walking street and night market

Coming to Nha Trang, you can not miss the walking street and the night market in this coastal city. The two sites open from 3 p.m and close at around 11 p. m everyday. You can comfortably walk, explore and visit stalls in the night market to buy clothes and souvenirs. In addition, there are quite a few street food stalls that offer Nha Trang’s specialties, mainly Nha Trang’s seafood dishes with affordable prices.

Nha Trang night market

The colorful nightlife in Nha Trang surely will be attractive to a number of people, especially young people. To get to Nha Trang, you can book a ticket from Hanoi to Nha Trang, Saigon to Nha Trang or Haiphong to Nha Trang. Some domestic airlines that provide these flights are Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air and Jetstar Pacific.

In reality, there are a host of interesting to explore in Nha Trang including Nha Trang’s cuisine. Hope that this article is useful for your travel itinerary. To learn more about traveling in Vietnam, you should contact us.