Beautiful Scenery of Four Seasons in Sapa, Vietnam


Sapa is at an altitude of 1,500 meters. Located in northern Vietnam, Sapa is supposed to have a humid tropical climate. However, due to the special geographic location, Sapa is covered with a humid subtropical climate with cool air all year round and four distinct seasons. After that, we together explore the beautiful scenery of four seasons in Sapa, Vietnam.

Sapa’s spring

In spring, the weather in Sapa is relatively warm and there are a variety of plants coming into flower.

Rhododendron in Sapa’s spring

The most beautiful flowers at this time are peach blossom and plum blossom. The moss-covered peach blossom in Sapa brings ancient beauty. The tree trunks have many white molds but they still rise up to greet the spring.

For the spring in Sapa, you will witness a picturesque image created by the blooms of the rhododendron, which can be easily watched in Hoang Lien Son range or in some gardens of the locals.

Sapa’s summer

The summer in Sapa, Vietnam has a cool climate in the daytime and becomes slightly cold at night. In the early morning, wisps of cloud are floating in the sky. Sapa is the first choice for a summer holiday, especially for those who desire to escape from the hot weather.

Sapa Love Waterfall

In the summer, Sapa often has a lot of sudden light rains but the sun will dry everything right after the rain. Quite a few tourists marvel at the magical scenery when each bank of fog pours from the top of the mountain down the town.

Coming to Sapa at this time, you can go to Ham Rong Mountain to see the flowers, reach Cat Cat village to watch the terraced fields with green rice fields stretching out to as far as we could see or visit Silver Waterfall and Love Falls to swim in the fresh water.

Sapa’s autumn

The beautiful landscape of the Sapa’s autumn is a unique combination of man-made and natural beauty. Having a trip to Sapa in the autumn, you will get the opportunity to admire the image of the golden ripe terraced rice fields or the valleys along the road.

Sapa’s autumn

In the early morning of autumn, the sky is still cloudy and the mists remain on stilted roofs, which make the whole city look like an ink wash painting. When rays of sunlight shine, a new day begins. When the clouds disperse, the landscape from a distance will gradually appear. But when the sunset arrives, Sapa is embraced by quiet space and romantic beauty.

Sapa’s winter

The winter scene in Sapa brings a mysterious beauty with vaporous clouds scattering. The mist looms in the rows of pine along the road, on the terraced rice fields and even on the mountain peaks.

Sapa’s winter

The houses and Sapa resorts appear and disappear in mist, which creates a fanciful scenery. If you visit on cold days, you can admire the snowy sky. There are many games for you to play with snow such as making snowmen and skiing.

With such charming scenery in Sapa during four seasons, Sapa is really an attractive destination in every season throughout the year.  Please carry your backpack to have a trek in Sapa – a lovely land in the Northwest region.