3 Ways to Minimize the Risk While Trekking Fansipan Mountain


Trekking Fansipan Mountain to touch the roof of Indochina is one of the greatest challenges that bring the excitement for quite a lot adventure travelers. However, the case of a Vietnamese student lost his way while climbing Fansipan arouse the anxiety of trekkers. As a result, there are many travel experiences of Fansipan trekking shared on travel forums. Following are 3 ways to minimize the risk while trekking Fansipan Mountain.

Not separate from the delegation

When climbing Fansipan, you should follow the delegation and the guide instead of trekking by yourself. Depending on the physical strength of each member, the climbing speed is different from time to time. However, it is best to have at least two people to go together all the time. You should avoid travel alone in the forests and mountains, especially those who have few experiences of trekking. On the other hand, a small tip is that you carry the ribbons to mark stretches of road.

Fansipan Mountain tour

Deal with the situation of losing the way

According to the Fansipan climbers, while conquering the summit, you may see many trails made by the local people that lie on the halfway mountain and do not lead up the peak or down the foot of the mountain. For this reason, you may get lost if not having a guide with you. In case you already take part of the way but see the road strange, you should go back immediately. If you have some difficulties in determining the directions, it is best not to go on and get the help from other people. This helps to avoid energy consumption and the risk of accidents. On the other hand, rescue workers will localize the missing area more easily. The most important thing is that you try to remain calm and have a great deal of concentration to be able to come back the delegation.

Journey of conquering Fansipan

Be careful with dangerous roads

From the Fansipan peak with a height of 3,143 meters to the stop of 2,800 meters, the most dangerous places are some of the stretches of road that are from 5 to 10 meters long. The reason is that trekkers have to climb along the vertical mountain slope with the only fulcrum that is just enough for a foot to put on. Just a little mistake, you will lose your footing and drop down the abyss. Therefore, it is very necessary to prepare climbing skills before trekking Fansipan. In case you face a steep slope, you go along the slope to move forward in the shape of Z. Besides, you cling to rocks, tree trunks and roots. But you are advised to test the solidity of the things that you will use as the fulcrum.

Climbing Fansipan

Note that when going down the mountain, you should not go too fast because you can stumble and fall or rolled down the mountain. When sloping down, you bend over and pull back your knees, keep your backpack balanced on your back. If you stand up straight, the backpack will move rearwards, which may make you slip and fall. If the slope is quite vertical, you turn your body to face the cliff, then use your hands to cling to the mountain and come down.

Hope that these tips will partly support your journey of conquering Fansipan. In addition to Fansipan, you can refer to other famous trekking spots in Vietnam.