Hanoi Thing To Do In The Rain


Hanoi is a familiar tourist destination in Vietnam. However, it is not easy to explore all the interesting places in the capital. Following are some suggestions on Hanoi thing to do in the rain. Coming to these destinations, you can take part in different activities regardless of the unfavorable conditions.

Go to cafe to watch the rain and chat with friends

When the rain comes, the first place that people think of is the cafe where you can shelter from the rain, have a drink and chat with your friends.

Some suggested places for you are Cup of Tea (Linh Lang street), Cosa Nostra (Tong Dan street), Cong cafe (Nha Chung – Nha Tho T-junction), Metro cafe (Nguyen Khac Can street) and Domi cafe (Chua Lang street).

Cosa Notra, Tong Dan street

Go to underground amusement parks

Another attractive place to take refuge from the rain is the underground entertainment areas in Hanoi, including Royal City and Times City.

At Royal City, you can drink and eat at the food streets. You can enjoy the Vietnamese food, Asian dishes from Thailand, Japan, Korea, Europe-style dishes or fast food. In addition, children can participate in many games such as indoor water park and ice skating. Couples can watch the movie at the Platinum theater in the basement.

Similarly, in Times City, you can also have a meal and go shopping in the basement although the size and the quantity are not as large as the Royal City. Besides, the family with children can visit the first underwater aquarium in Vietnam with the price of about 200,000 VND.

Royal City

Eat buffet together with the family

A buffet meal is also a good choice because your family does not have to move from this place to another one while still eating a large amount of food. It is believed that a buffet meal can satisfy all the members of the family. Today, it is not difficult to find out a buffet restaurant in Hanoi. There are a lot of choices for you such as seafood, barbecue and vegetarian food.

The price of buffet is considered quite reasonable, particularly, 200,000 VND to 400,000 VND per person.

Some suggestions for you are Sứ Buffet (64 Nguyen Du street), Buffet Sen (60 Ly Thai To), Sen Nam Thanh (84B Nguyen Du street), Sen Tay Ho (514 Lac Long Quan street), Maison Sens (61 Tran Hung Dao street), Seoul Garden (33 Tran Hung Dao street), 5th floor of Vincom (191 Ba Trieu street), Ngoc Mai restaurant, 17th floor of Ruby Plaza (44 Le Ngoc Han street), 2nd floor of Chef Dzung (71 Nguyen Chi Thanh street).

Sen Buffet Hanoi

Go to a movie theater

Movie theaters are popular places for young people, especially on holidays. But on normal or rainy days, more and more people consider going to this place to escape from the wet weather. On holidays or weekends, international movie fans will be satisfied with a long list of exciting films.

On rainy days in Hanoi, you can visit some theaters like CGV Vincom Ba Trieu, Mipec Tower, Lotte Cinema Keangnam, Platinum Cineplex The Garden, Platinum Vincom Long Bien, Platinum of Royal City or Times City, National Cinema Center and August Theater.

National Cinema Center

Whether it is rainy or sunny, you still can take part in numerous interesting activities in Hanoi. To get more travel tips on Hanoi and Vietnam, please contact us.